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    Your name is Ikuta Atsushi, and you are working as private tutor.
    Your sempai has been getting fried with her school and her tutoring schedule. You offer to alleviate her workload by being a tutor for a couple of her clients. She gladly accepts, and you’re sent to your first of the two girls she was helping out. You’re surprised at how nice the house is, but you’re more surprised at the bombshell that opened the door. She was equally shocked at you and slammed the door in your face. After finding out that you are the new tutor, she apologizes and introduces herself as your understudy’s mother. It turns out the girl is cute too. Could this deal get any better? It can! The other girl who needs tutoring is a looker and has a fine-ass mother too. To make things even more mind blowing, they’re all sexually frustrated! It’s time to reap the benefits of your knowledge.
    Download "Mother/Daughter Lesson" game:

    Download "Mother/Daughter Lesson" English patch:

    Translates 80% of the game. Due to translator group disbanding, no further patches will be created.

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    Mother & Daughter Hearttouching Lesson HCG
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    1. Crunchy's Avatar
      Crunchy -
      lucky for u guys to even sucsseed downloading it. TT
      the part 2 is always stop at 40% for me.
    1. switch's Avatar
      switch -
      i added an install guide guys check the first PAGE
    1. switch's Avatar
      switch -
      Quote Originally Posted by HAC View Post
      I tried it myself, this is the "broken" version I think. First off, reg.exe has to be modified to be able to play the game without the dvd, secondly there are two versions, one that will run on 64 bit oses and one that won't. Pretty sure this is the 32 bit version and considering most people run win 7 64bit at this point... it probably won't work.
      after installing mount the .cue image for the game to work
    1. Caelistas's Avatar
      Caelistas -
      Whenever you can't get a game to run the first thing you should try is to run the game through applocale and see if that helps.
      If that doesn't work then actually change your region to Japan, restart your computer and try it again.
      waaaaay ahead of you

      game is broken , it doesn't want to start
    1. Caelistas's Avatar
      Caelistas -
      Quote Originally Posted by switch View Post
      after installing mount the .cue image for the game to work
      Nope, mounting the .cue image still doesn't help for me, game still doesn't want to start.
    1. HAC's Avatar
      HAC -

      There is something odd going on with this game.

      To get it to work I had to install the game, then mount the cue as suggested, then prior to adding the patch run the game once with compatability mode set to xp sp2. Then I installed the english patch and the text was all garbled (had a line running rhough it) so I disabled sp2 mode. Now it shows the english text but the spacing is all screwed up. Usually this can be fixed by running the game via applocale but it doesn't fix it this time.

      I'm thinking this one might not be worth the effort unfortunately.
    1. DaimonFrey's Avatar
      DaimonFrey -
      I can't download part 2, it won't go above 33%.
    1. oc-er's Avatar
      oc-er -
      Try to play around with the font,it might help..
    1. Anzem's Avatar
      Anzem -
      Awesome game. GOOD JOB!!!
    1. Crunchy's Avatar
      Crunchy -
      i'm using win7 64bit and finally make this works.
      the problem for me was :
      1. the game won't start and showing error code [1503] (means insert the disk)--a
      2. can't follow switch instruction==> can't mount the CUE file for whatever reason T.T
      how to make this game works :
      1. get the crack for this game Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
    1. moof's Avatar
      moof -
      Had same problems with reg.exe and crack didn't work either. Ended up making my own cracked exe which no longer loads reg.exe at all and then translated some of the menu dialogs with reshack and google (some text may not be accurate and/or the machine translation made no sense to me).

      Just extract the iso in to a folder and then use this exe to run it.
      Deposit Files
    1. switch's Avatar
      switch -
      okay i edited my instructions tell me if it works now
    1. DaimonFrey's Avatar
      DaimonFrey -
      You must mount img not cue and than it will work. Thanks for help.
    1. OneManArmy's Avatar
      OneManArmy -
      i'm using win7 64bit
      So another idiot besides myself is using it eh? Well, welcome in the club.
    1. wingfree's Avatar
      wingfree -
      Quote Originally Posted by Geass View Post
      Where is the love for this game???
      can not dl link not working can u reupload
    1. VNHunter's Avatar
      VNHunter -
      Quote Originally Posted by wingfree View Post
      can not dl link not working can u reupload
      MF links are currently dead for the moment... the admin is still working on restoring them...
    1. Dubs's Avatar
      Dubs -
      As I recall, Ivan said yesterday about the uploads being up to M or something, so it should of been fixed/ be fixed shortly :/
    1. Sokyra's Avatar
      Sokyra -
      Anyone has a walkthrough for this?
    1. shihmeng91's Avatar
      shihmeng91 -
      the links dead !
    1. hellwaitingforyou's Avatar
      hellwaitingforyou -
      it dosen't work
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