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    Your name is Ikuta Atsushi, and you are working as private tutor.
    Your sempai has been getting fried with her school and her tutoring schedule. You offer to alleviate her workload by being a tutor for a couple of her clients. She gladly accepts, and you’re sent to your first of the two girls she was helping out. You’re surprised at how nice the house is, but you’re more surprised at the bombshell that opened the door. She was equally shocked at you and slammed the door in your face. After finding out that you are the new tutor, she apologizes and introduces herself as your understudy’s mother. It turns out the girl is cute too. Could this deal get any better? It can! The other girl who needs tutoring is a looker and has a fine-ass mother too. To make things even more mind blowing, they’re all sexually frustrated! It’s time to reap the benefits of your knowledge.
    Download "Mother/Daughter Lesson" game:

    Download "Mother/Daughter Lesson" English patch:

    Translates 80% of the game. Due to translator group disbanding, no further patches will be created.

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    Mother & Daughter Hearttouching Lesson HCG
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    1. cpt valor's Avatar
      cpt valor -
      i tell you what... im gonna be touching more than their heart! lol
    1. IllyrioM's Avatar
      IllyrioM -
      Quote Originally Posted by cpt valor View Post
      i tell you what... im gonna be touching more than their heart! lol
      More like you're gonna be touching your mouse and yourself.
    1. nhstruong's Avatar
      nhstruong -
      error, help please
    1. Vmahikari's Avatar
      Vmahikari -
      Quote Originally Posted by switch View Post
      how to get it to work:
      1.extract files
      2.then use oyakolesson.MDS in DAEMON TOOLS
      3.install the game
      4.DEmount the image (.mds)
      5.MOUNT oyakolesson.cue(in order to get this mounted go to the part1 archive and extract the file named image,and put cue and the image file in the same folder then mount .cue
      6.crack the game while it si mounted
      hi i cant seem to do what you said the cue and the image thing didnt work please help
    1. nhstruong's Avatar
      nhstruong -
      still can't do it can anyone video tape how to install and send me, please?
    1. reydar117's Avatar
      reydar117 -
      The crack is the file by the name of -reg- inside the installation folder. sorry my english
    1. jex's Avatar
      jex -
      Quote Originally Posted by moof View Post
      Had same problems with reg.exe and crack didn't work either. Ended up making my own cracked exe which no longer loads reg.exe at all and then translated some of the menu dialogs with reshack and google (some text may not be accurate and/or the machine translation made no sense to me).

      Just extract the iso in to a folder and then use this exe to run it.
      Deposit Files
      Thanks, I almost gave up
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