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  1. found a walktrough (japanese though) google translate makes it hard to read but better than nothing.
  2. actually you can change something. Namely the money/gold. The reason It's incredibly hard to change something is because the game is switching between the true value (i.e. 600 gold) to a somehow related huge number (i.e. 40400429789 or something like that)while you're playing. This way you can't find the desired value with the exact value command. If you want to change your money/gold with cheat engine you first need 600 or better more money/gold in-game. After that start up cheat engine hook it up to kamidori(look it up on the CE tutorial if you don't know how). Now for the first scan change
  3. I don't play eroge that contain yaoi (wanna see girls not guys) or guro (blood does not turn me on) Some things that make me less likely to play an eroge: otome (being the only girl in the game isn't bad but it is to be on the receiving end) gender bender (I'm attached to my manhood although I've played X-change 2 and 3 and some similar other games) yuri (just miss the guy in there) art/drawing style (this does not mean bad art but I avoid certain kinds of art) age/old (mainly avoided due to annoying interfaces)
  4. Can I get some clarification on some of the rules? specifically these two: Do not lie, be honest, and do not present speculation or conjecture as fact. If I don't know things for a fact but heard something about it can i still say :"I heard/read it's such and such"? since it could end up being misleading without intending so. Handle inexperienced members with special patience. There is a first time for everything. I completely agree with this rule but when is a user still inexperienced? is it up to a specific number of post or how is this determined?
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