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  1. Here are my updates of whats going with me so far round 1 or 2

    I dont want to give an actual score update since tonights picks are pretty one-sided and that would neuter the recaps value, but Ill share that the average score for the week thus far is 18.20. You...
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    Steam Prison Help

    Awesome find, i had most of mine disabled except for when people messaged me, now i can turn them back on and still see my ammo xD
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    Rate the avatar above you

    I like your avatar. : D
    -totally not biased or anything-

    In all seriousness, I find you as a good personeven though I do not know you very well. Serious when you have to be and jokey/carefree at...
  4. my thread ddnt appear since 2 or 3 days now

    I think the reason for this is that if we have 10,000 posts on here and you just signed up its unreasonable that you will read through all of those posts.
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