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    Lightbulb Want to watch anime together with your friends online? (+anime sites to watch)

    With the fall of Rabbit, there is not a really good replacement for sharing videos, especially anime, online and watch it with your friends. Many options are often too restrictive and don't support much websites, or require you to have the video file downloaded, screenshared, and in some other cases, uploaded.

    Using CyTube and a trick to grab videos from anime sites, you can bypass most of these inconveniences.

    What is CyTube?
    It's a website to let you host videos and watch it together with your friends online. Only supports some common video sites. You don't need to have an account to join someone's channel, but you do need one to create a channel. Check here for the FAQ and here for the interface guide.

    So how does it work?

    I did the above in Opera, but any Chromium-based browsers should work. Didn't try on other browsers like Firefox but I'm pretty sure you can do it as well, just under a different name instead of Inspect Element.
    However, this method is also not problem-free. Some issues can be frustrating:

    1. Many hosts and anime sites block you from ever using Inspect Element to grab links. You will often see no link appearing even when you play the episode.
    2. Even if the link appears, you might have to deal with a garbage/protected link. You can play the episode/video in New Tab, but it won't work when you add it on CyTube (CyTube will display a red error).
    3. Even after adding it to CyTube and it works, you might have to deal with a laggy source (video buffering constantly, plays for a bit then breaks, etc.)

    If it does not work with X anime site/host, what should I do?
    Unfortunately, the answer is simple and tedious: Try with a different site/host. Luckily, many exists and can be found on the r/animepiracy subreddit.

    EDIT 4/4/20:
    As of late, it is increasingly difficult to find a host that allow you to grab episode direct links. In these times, I have switch to using programs that can screenshare (like Discord). Still no good replacement for Rabbit in sight :\

    If you have an alternative method, feel free to let me know!
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    Want to watch anime together with your friends online anime sites to watch

    If you want to show off all your DVDs then there is a thread in the Madhouse called post a picture of your DVD collection post your DVDs there so we can see them.

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    Discord screensharing
    While this is unrelated to my video, this is useful info for the people using Discord to screenshare their anime or anything else.
    (Not sure how to screenshare using Discord? Check here (for private groups/DM) or here (for a server).

    If you even stumble across problems screensharing, here are some troubleshooting steps from a Discord support member who I was in touch with:

    Let me know if you are still stuck with another issue.

    Alternative program to screenshare: Parsec
    If you're looking for other alternative screensharing program, I would also recommend Parsec. It's a cool program to basically let you play multiplayer games from your own PC with other people by letting them connect to your PC with their controllers/input devices. This means the screen also needed to be stream to the other parties connecting to your PC so they can see and play.

    (This is a tutorial from 2017 so lots had change since then, but the description for Parsec is still very true.)

    Obviously, this means your screen can be shared, hence I wanna recommend this program as the last time I used it for playing games with friends it was super smooth so I think using it to stream anime is also a possibility.

    Only downside to this is that there are a bit more technical steps to set up Parsec to work compared to Discord.

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