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Thread: Senpai Club

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    Senpai Club

    why aren't we all talking about this amazing anime

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    Me before watching:

    Me after watching:

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    did you watch all the episodes? They do the famous Shaft head twist in ep 2!

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    I watched all the available episodes, it's really good.
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    Was this,by any chance made by a group of weaboos? i am seriously concerned that tojo is broadcasting this...this....
    monstrosity....may elune cleanse the voice actor, for she sounds like a syphilitic donkey......
    may jesus heal the polio ridden autistic 5 year old who drew this
    may muslims stone the producer to death and feed him to their goats

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    I watched the whole series.That was the best 30 minutes of my life.

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    Senpai Club

    hey guys

    ive been trying to get more members for my anime club
    one of the problems i face is a lack of prewrritten sales talkabout when i talk to parents

    what anime is
    What its so great about
    who we are and what we do and so forth
    why they should let their teenager come to the club

    while i know the answers to these questions in my head
    trying to describe that to a parent who has no idea what im talking about
    i find hard

    I wondering if any anime club members or even general forum members could reply with some useful input

    We actually run if a public library video room on a sat and we do have to follow realistic rules set down by the library staff
    The library staff have been pretty cool about the club giving us a free room and we understand to keep the noise down to reasonable

    although when we watched Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
    you could hear our laughter at the other end of the library

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