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    Post Top Anime of 2017

    Well, not really a "top 10" thread but I wanna continue the tradition~

    So what is your best anime in 2017? You can name one or as many as you like.

    I'll start with what I do best: Seasonal Reviews (I won't count sequels)
    (Entries with * means I have not finish the anime and it's just my speculation).


    #1 Little Witch Academia
    - Chilled show that is all about building up the characters and finally, the villain arc. Was an exciting, fantasy adventure full of goofy magic.
    #2 Youjo Senki
    - We all know about this show when it's out. A dude reincarnated into the most ruthless loli mankind ever see. Watch as she kills and laughs and kills some more~
    #3 Kemono Friends
    - Besides the shitty CGI, a chill show that focuses on world-building. It also is responsible for many nice arts we see nowadays :^)


    #1 SukaSuka
    - A fantasy show that involves almost no harem or clichι dumb MC or isekai setting. Yes, a true fantasy show with a strong hint of romance and well-executed directioning, probably the only decent one in recent fantasy trope.
    #2 Tsuki ga Kirei*
    - If you want something even more down-to-earth than Kimi no na wa (Your Name), then this is for you. A very mundane tale of young love, but somehow very interesting to watch as things unfold.
    #3 Re:Creator
    - This anime being number 3 only for the interesting concept of what-ifs, but the execution and pacing is unfortunately poorly done. Very nice soundtracks and fights however.


    #1 Made in Abyss
    - The contender for the best anime this year, in fact. Nothing in its season even come close to how amazingly done is this anime overall. Everything, from the OSTs to the excitement of going on an adventure is just pure bliss.
    #2 Tsurezure Children
    - Romcom at its finest. The anime shows us multiple couples in the school and how they each progress. No, there won't be 12 episodes before a kiss. No, there's won't be firework over someone whispering "I love you" in the final episode. This is just pure romcom.
    #3 Kakegurui
    - A little bit of ecchi camera angles, a little bit of Shokugemi no Souma expressions, and a bit of gambling. That's what waiting in this anime, a wild ride of betting one's possession to one's dignity.


    #1 Mahoutsukai no Yome
    - Magical fantasy done right. The type that truly put you into the world itself and explore each character, to their feelings and adventure. Contender for second place for best anime 2017.
    #2 Inuyashiki*
    - An anime about an old man who got a powerful gift and became part-robot part-human. While I have not finish this, I feel like there is lots of potential and an old MC will also makes the anime refreshing to watch.
    #3 Net-juu no Susume*
    - A NEET girl playing a game as a boy, meeting a boy who plays the game as a girl. What kind of interesting romance will spawn from there? Haven't finished either, but this is some unique romance anime and it doesn't look like it's done badly from first episode.

    #1 Made in Abyss
    #2 Mahoutsukai no Yome
    A few tied for #3 imo, so I'll leave that up to you~
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    Remind me to take a look at all these once I get back into anime watching xD

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    I'm not a person who watches a whole lot of Anime and so I actually haven't seen all the popular ones but here are some I would like to mention.

    Kuzu no Honkai: Not really an Anime I would ever recommend but it tried something different, and new things are always welcome.
    Rewrite 2nd Season: Was it good? Hell no. I only listed it up because of how much better it was than its first season.

    SukaSuka: Definitely my favourite Anime of 2017, at least so far. I really liked the more realistic approach on the character interactions. Also the last episode is so good... IF you ignore the last 5min haha.
    RokuAka: Mediocre Anime overall but golden first episode. I have watched that episode like 5 times. Gotta love that slapstick comedy. I'm a simple man sorry.

    Aho Girl: So much dumb humor. I like dumb humor. Did I already mention I'm a simple man?

    I haven't really watched any Anime of the last season except Imouto sae Ireba Ii. Why that one? Because a friend told me to check it out since the title is nothing but a bait... and well he was right. It was overall not that great though but it had here and there some nice scenes.
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    i agree except its a good anime

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    I heard that Imouto sae Ireba Ii has some great scenes besides the goofy and wtf moments. Nice to hear from you that it's true~

    I'm gonna try the SukaSuka light novel series one day, heard it was even more outstanding than the anime. Apparently, the anime also stopped only at Volume 3 out of 5 in the LN, so I think there's a lot of materials being left out as well.
    If you're interested give it a try too Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? | fgiLaNtranslations

    Also, SukaSuka got a sequel LN series already called SukaMoka. This time on the green-haired girl : ( Translated Chapters

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    Hajimete no Gal hell of good anime + ova

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    I will, perhaps, watch this "SukaSuka" "Anime" and perhaps, I too, will enjoy it.

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