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    10/10 Wanko is the greatest and she gives words to live, Yu o Maishin!
    "While there's children to make sad, While there's candy to be had,While there's pockets left to pick, While there's grannies left to trip down the stairs, Battler will be there waiting around the corner, and he does it all for free, he does it all because he is evil" tl;dr never trust Battler.

    He even made the sig have too many characters for Wanko and her quote

    Spoiler: Push! Forward! Yu o Maishin! Wanko<3

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    Needs work... but it has Wanko, so I can't give it a bad rate. 6/10

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    7/10 cause its not centered

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    7/10 Has cute girls. Instant approval.
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    All right motherfucker, carnival is over.

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