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Thread: Iris Action

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    Can anyone show me the chest mimic monster location? Icant seem to find it, and does changing difficulty affects the game over scene? And one last thing, in tge setting menu on the first page, what is it say? I only figure the dif lv, CG review mode and window size, someone help me~

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    I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with these files.
    Is there a tutorial anywhere?

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    So i tried to download the game but only part 1 is working, also is this in eng? and if it is not is there a patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masao View Post
    Love the game~ Thanks granny.
    Extratingfail.PNG i cant extract game i use to have this game but my hard drive got broken so i cant get it anymore? help please

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    There is no link to download the game. Only photos.

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