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Thread: GTA V thread

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    GTA V thread

    Everything that has something to do with GTA V for steam, ps4 and xbox goes in this thread.

    If anyone have plans to buy this game on steam, i'll be likely happy to play with you.

    Although it's an expensive game and it takes a high end pc to make it function in a satisfying level.

    Release date is set to 24th March.

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    I alredy have it.And finishd it.I rarely play online whit others as they intetd to make my game expirience miserable

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    GTA V thread

    I really hope this is gonna be a ghetto-like San Andreas type GTA. Would be cool if the map was the same as SA and the main character was black.

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    GTA 5 is super sweet and the main character is black. Online is definitely a cluster f*$@ of being murdered and occasionally finding cool people to play with. As a bonus if you find all the collector cards you get the collector bag for free in Red Dead Redemption 2.

    When you get to hell be sure to tell 'em big_alejandro69 sent you.

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