What it is - sister site of Ehentai
What it contains - the stuff the advertisement people don't want you to see

Easy way
step 1: go to Ehentai
step 2: make a account (already have a account? ignore this step then)
step 3: log in
step 4: go to Exhentai
step 5: enjoy

Did not work? clear cookies try again

still not work?
try the really long but worth it way

Really long way
step 1: download Firefox
step 2: download cookie manager for firefox
step 3: go to Ehentai and log in
step 4: go to Exhentai
step 5: open cookie manager
step 6: change all the Ehentai cookies host from .e-hentai.org to .exhentai.org (SAVE AS NEW)
step 7: refresh and enjoy

not sure if posting this breaks the rules if so feel free to delete wont do it again just wanted to share the "secret site" with mai fellow VN lovers