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    Erogegames discord server

    hey all!

    You might remember me!
    We've created a discord server for erogegames so we can hang out with eachother!

    If you've been sleeping under a rock for the past few months and have no idea what Discord is, don't worry!

    Discord is comparable to teamspeak, It has it's voice channels and text channels. But it's incredible lightweight(it can even be used from the browser with no sign up) with great sound quality.
    It focuses more on the social aspect, Like adding friends, and using group calls.
    It's being updated quite regularly and has been my standard voip solution for a few months now. Be gone with the curse that is skype!

    If you want to dowload the client use the following link:

    To join the Erogegames channel, use the following link: this will automatically join the Erogegames channel!

    If you have any suggestions for voice/text channels, pm me or a moderator(currently Alfadios and Hawkins)

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    You made Hawkins a mod?

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    Hopped on.

    No one was really talking.


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    We got a lot of people already


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    hmm i'll think about it lol
    In Japanese porn we trust

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    I don't know have anyone brought it up but bigsisterloverlol wants a tag of big sister i don't mind if there is or not so i thought of mention it and before you ask me i don't know am i going to help him with his campaign for asking for a tag of big sister so i just thought of bring it up and let you decide to either get or add a tag of big sister or don't add a tag of big sister. and see what do you think & before you ask what are my thoughts here are my thoughts as a straight guy myself.

    I don't care what tag it is as long as the game is any good,as long as the anime is any good & as long as the manga is any good & if you want me to include my thoughts of doujinshi,magazines,comics & such then feel free to ask or let me know and I'll gladly share my thoughts of it or how i feel about it if you want me to .
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    i saw some of the regulars

    “Will there be sacrifice? Yes and not just soldiers, but innocent bystanders, as well. Even so …no …because of that, I cannot stop. Even if I need to cheat and hurt others, I must persevere. To that end I must become carnage incarnate. I must spill yet more blood, so that the blood already spilt will not be in vain.”
    "I see, then I... shall become evil to conquer an evil larger still!"

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    We've got a lot more users now!

    We also have a bot now which can assign you a role/color.
    The commands are:
    .lsar - For a list of self assignable roles
    .iam rolename - Assign yourself this role
    .iamnot rolename - unassigned for this role

    We are adding more roles, But for now you can atleast be an Onii-chan!

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