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    Question Questions about torrents

    I have few questions regarding torrents.

    1.) What specific torrent clients are recommended and which ones should I avoid like the plague?

    2.) After I finish downloading a specific torrent:
    2-A.) If I move the file(s) to a different location, will the the client still be able to see it for the purpose of continuing to upload it to others?
    2-B.) Will the inclusion of new files in the group, i.e. my save files from playing the game, confuse the torrent application, making it think I no longer have the files and start to re-download it? (Yes, I could just copy and paste a new set to use for playing the game, leaving the "Seed" intact, but 9+ gigabytes is a lot of space to duplicate needlessly.)
    2-C.) As I'm considering buying a new computer in the near future (this one is starting to show it's age), will I be able to re-link, for want of a better term, the downloaded files to the torrent client to resume not being a leech when I finish setting up said new computer?

    3.) How long does one have to continue to be a seed before one can stop seeding and not be considered a leech?

    4.) What is a "magnet", which appears to be something related to to torrents, and no, not the ferrous kind you stick on your refrigerator?
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    1. I personally use Tixati, just because I've been using it for years, but you can also use Utorrent or Bittorrent. These three are the safe ones.
    2a. No
    2b. *Sigh* No, your save file will not confuse the client
    2c. Yes
    3. Until you reached the 1:1 ratio I guess. I seed when I can but I usually leech so that's that.
    4. Simply put, magnet is like a set of data that your client should immediately capture when you click on it, think of it like a link that will direct you to the files you wanted to obtain.

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    Thank you.

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    You are the man, ZD!

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