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    Post MangaDex and Tachiyomi - Where should I read manga?

    Since a lot of people read manga online, I thought that I should let more people aware of the options available right now.
    No, this is not paid advertisement. These services are simply too good and I wanna spread them so more people know.

    If you are wondering where can you read manga for free (of course, this means they're illegal. But this is a pirating VN site anyway...), there are currently two places that are superb at what they do:

    1. MangaDex
    Launched just last year after Batoto died, MD is a god-tier site to read manga on. No ads, no annoying pop-ups, no shitty interface. The site is also optimized for your phone's browser. If you are reading on KissManga, or MangaHere, etc. (basically aggregator sites), then you are reading indirectly from MD since those sites steal from MD most of the time. The site has your typical features - forums, profile, blocked genres you don't want to see, scanlators' detail page (big exposure for the people who brings fan-translated manga to you), top chapters in the past 6hr/24hr/7days, and some more incoming as they are still developing the site constantly.

    They even made their own manga version of the tutorial to their site.

    Such a perfect site sounds too good doesn't it? That's correct, because there is one big downfall to using MD: They don't have some manga on their site. Before you are disappointed, no, I can safely say the amount of manga on this site is still HUGE. But, as they want to avoid DMCA rules, they do not allow users to upload the ripped scans of licensed manga. If the fans want to translate the manga themselves and upload, good, it will be allowed. But they simply can't reupload the pages from an official translation. Another thing is fallouts with some scanlator groups that resulted in them leaving the site, thus pulling the manga with them.
    What this means in the long run: MD will lack some manga. However, the benefits and usability of the site is simply too good of an offer for me that it outweighs the drawback.

    But if you choose to read on MD, that doesn't mean you are out of luck and have to read on those malware, ad-filled sites/apps. That's where #2 comes in:

    2. Tachiyomi
    An open-sourced GitHub app, this is the best manga app right now in my opinion. Sharing the same characteristics as MD (no ads, and good interface), the app pulled from many sources such as MD, KissManga, MangaHere, among with even hentai sources like E-hentai, Nhentai, etc. Naturally, that means you can search for any manga you like, especially the ones not on MD. Like many other manga apps, Tachi of course also has a chapter update notification, auto-save where you last read, backup setting, and some more interface/reading control settings.

    A good feature I found useful is transferring a manga between sources by the click of a button. If you read on any manga app, you would know how painful it is to see your manga with broken pages, then having to search it up in another source and favorite it, then deleting the old one. Tachi does this seamlessly just by some check-boxes.

    Of course, something sounding this perfect would not be without negatives. Like MD, Tachi also have some major drawbacks: 1) Being on Android only and 2) Not being on the Google Play Store. 1 is self-explanatory, but for 2 that means you have to tweak some settings on your Android device to install apps outside of the Play Store. The app is safe, and many people use it, so don't worry about it being a malware. But if you like, feel free to look around and see it yourself if you should trust the app or not.

    Why should I consider reading/migrating here? What do they do better that other places don't?
    Aside from those above features (the biggest being ad-less and interface), MD is very supportive of scanlators. If you did not know, every manga that were fan-translated came from one scanlator or a group of them. It is not MangaRock or KissManga who translates, edits, and releases the chapters, so it's pointless asking them (I see a lot of people begging them to release more on those sites). Everyone is a thief here, reading and scanlating manga illegally, but these aggregator sites and services want your money even if they steal as well. Lots of scams and misleading information (which KissManga is known to be doing the most). Benefiting from piracy is a practice I personally frown upon. Paying the pro version of that one manga app or donating to an aggregator site DOES NOT make the chapters come out faster or nicer. You are just supporting their business that operates on stealing fan-translated works. Plus, why have Adblock and read on a badly-looking app/site while you can read on a place without ads and with a nice interface? As for Tachi, being with no ads means you can get all kinds of manga you read on those aggregator sites without supporting them at all.

    Why are MD and Tachi ad-less? MD runs off of donations to their site which is why they don't have to rely on ads (yes, you heard that right. Ads can be turn off if those other sites choose to). As for Tachi, I am not sure as there are no official statement. But I assume that probably because it is open-sourced, or because it is still in constant development. If anyone has a source for Tachi, let me know.

    Of course, that is one of the main reasons I use these two services; I don't want to support these shady scams. But if this and the benefits of these places are not appealing to you, or if you have such a massive MASSIVE amount of bookmarks, feel free to look elsewhere or keep using what you are using (I migrated to MD and Tachi roughly 800 bookmarks, manually). I am simply showing how awesome they are and that everyone should give them a try. Honestly peaked quality services right here.

    Thanks for checking them, and feel free to leave questions.
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    The MangaDex staff just did an AMA on Reddit today. Check it out to see common questions and insight to how they operate the site~

    This is also the description they used in the AMA for the site's features, in case my description above is lacking:

    For the unfamiliar, MangaDex differs from other aggregators because the site is ad-free (supported entirely by user donations), active scanlation groups get full control of their uploads, we don't compress uploads, we disallow uploading official rips of manga, all uploads to the site are done by users instead of bots, multiple groups can work on one series, and we support scanlation in all languages (not just English).

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    MangaDex is pretty good

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    Time to say goodbye to the mangadlr app. Thanks again for the info Flan-chan .

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