• Sound of Drop -fall into poison-

    Aozora Aquarium---a secret place nestled in the city.
    Mayumi Nakanobe and Himeno Tamagawa
    investigate the urban legend whispered about back in middle school.
    How much of the urban legend was based in truth?

    Where water turns to blood, where the ghost of the dead curator swims---.

    Where Mayu may reunite with her missing young sister---.

    Where a trivial incident leads to strife between best friends---.

    Where a choice may choice is made to part ways---.

    Mayu and Hime confront the aquarium's many tragedies.

    This summer, will you visit the aquarium too?

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      Mikuo V4x -
      Apologies for sounding like an idiot, but does anybody know how to get the download site working? It says something like "Access denied" When I try downloading each individual part
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