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    We need to add this on support-tech board.

    And the most important, to any new member reading this. Next time, please provide us with screenshot, details of installer (download link, release by who - Anime-sharing, etc)
    and either it related error of the game installer error or translation installer error.
    It's pretty hard to solve their problem without providing any details of their problem and any screenshot would be nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadyren View Post
    Basic Rule

    1. Please behave yourself.
    2. Do not try to sell any game or ISO.
    3. No scamming, fake image, or being a TRAP.
    4. Handle unexperienced members with special patience. There is a first time for everything.
    5. If you find it difficult to stay calm after reading the same question for the fifth time in a week, let somebody else respond.
    6. Anything "hardcore" is obviously out of bounds.
    7. Zero tolerance towards "shock" images, animations and links. This includes stuff bluntly meant to disgust, filmings of suicide and the like.

    *Feel free to add.*
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    ^ you again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadyren View Post
    Basic Rule

    1. […]
    2. No scamming, fake image, or being a TRAP.

    Please, I do not understand this part. Can someone explain ?

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    good rules to draw people in and keep this place from going radioactive but lets be frank, until some examples get set the mobs will run this place! Viva la revolucion! mort aux nobles!

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