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    Article: Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

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    from the description, may be this Nukige might be better than many of the ss titiles, if the comedy is really really good that is

    may be it my wishful thinkings, let wait and see

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    and that "comedy rape" tag is something... xD

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    ummm not bad

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    downloads fine...
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    wow i couldn't keep a stupid grin off my face...never had that happen before.

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    como consigo el codigo de activacion

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    Quote Originally Posted by themkun View Post
    como consigo el codigo de activacion
    just use the damn crack >>>

    “Will there be sacrifice? Yes and not just soldiers, but innocent bystanders, as well. Even so …no …because of that, I cannot stop. Even if I need to cheat and hurt others, I must persevere. To that end I must become carnage incarnate. I must spill yet more blood, so that the blood already spilt will not be in vain.”
    "I see, then I... shall become evil to conquer an evil larger still!"

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    Has anyone tried it yet?

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    What kind of Window does this use o-o. Is it compatible with Window 7? O_o

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