• Become tentacle, destroy the town and humiliate girls!

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    Assume the role of a tentacle monster and attack the town!
    Subdue the fleeing townspeople and the fighters who try to slay you, and thoroughly assault the women!

    This is a game that plays similar to a famous action RPG.

    The goal of the game is to defeat the soldiers defending the town and to sexually assault the girls who live there.

    The game can be played with only the cursor keys, so it's very simple.

    There are 8 targets in total. There is a village girl as well as a housewife and a rich lady. All erotic scenes feature full voice acting for the female characters.

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    1. Murako's Avatar
      Murako -
      Will the torrents be forthcoming? Some of us can't download from downloadani
    1. ultimecea's Avatar
      ultimecea -
      Quote Originally Posted by Murako View Post
      Will the torrents be forthcoming? Some of us can't download from downloadani
      ivan is revamping all his torrents and he wont be releasing any torrent soon
      but dont worry...
      it'll be up when he's done with the changes
    1. Murako's Avatar
      Murako -
      Alright, just rather eroge starved here I guess ~_~
    1. Edyson's Avatar
      Edyson -
      simple but interesting game
    1. Macbaen's Avatar
      Macbaen -
      What are the controls for this game?
    1. CrimsonLight's Avatar
      CrimsonLight -
      Am i the only one who cant get more than two girls? is there a way to attack or is attacking just running into them like i have been doing?
    1. LazyKento's Avatar
      LazyKento -
      Simple but surprisingly difficult game. Can be really easy to unlock the scenes if you check carefully *cough* somewhere near the corners maybe? cough
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