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  • Soukoku no Arterial


    Language: English
    Shuuya lives with his younger sister Mirai and attends Academy Tengyou Daini. However, their peaceful days come to an abrupt end as their world is taken over by an alternate world called Waibin Sekai – one where angels and demons battle each other and monsters called ‘creators’ roam freely. The students are forced to decide to ally with the angels, side with the demons or do neither. No matter which choice they make, they would be hard pressed to survive in this dangerous world.

  • Gore Screaming Show


    Language: English
    With his parents moving to America for work, Jinno Kyouji returns to his hometown, Kurehito City, after several years of absence to live with his mother's cousin, the free-spirited Saitama Yamiko. There, he encounters several girls he shares a history with.

    Kazuyagi Akane, the strong-spirited tomboy he grew up with.
    Namiki Aoi, a gloomy girl who's Akane's best friend.
    Misono Kiika, a graceful, good-natured classmate of his from his old school.

    In three years of absence, his hometown and its people have changed ever so slightly. Despite some hiccups, Kyouji's peaceful days in his hometown begin.

    At least until he meets a mysterious girl on his way to his first day at school. Violet hair. Large, striking eyes. Skin that's paler than the driven snow.

    "Welcome home," she says. "My name is Yuka. Remember it."

    And wherever Yuka is, one mysterious, inexplicable figure is always nearby—a monstrous man by the name of Gore Screaming Show.

    Kyouji's encounter with these two figures marks the end of his peaceful days—as they bring madness and despair into this world. Will Kyouji and the girl he loves be able to escape and return to their peaceful days? Or will they—

  • Archmage Ricka


    Language: English
    The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage
    In order to retrieve the illegal property embezzled by the evil Lord, Ricka received a mission to capture the Lord.
    But it was a trap. She fell into a dungeon arranged by the Lord in advance.
    Although the demons in the dungeon are weak, the existence of various traps makes it difficult to escape!

    The Thief in the dungeon and the Archmage
    The band of thieves ran into the dungeon!
    It's an underground dungeon full of traps and monsters and the soldiers can't get in there.
    Finally, bounties were put on the head of the thieves. But despite the perilous mission of going through the dungeon, the reward was little and no one dared to do it.
    ... All except Ricka the archmage.

  • Language: English
    Play as the Netorareas pilot Wiz as you take on different missions.
    Will you allow Hikari to have sex with other people and record videos, even if it means saving the world?
    The choice is yours.

  • Hypno Mama


    Language: English, Chinese
    You are living a life of constant bullying, until one day, you receive an email about a hypnosis application...
    Immediately, you target your bully's mom, and program her to think you're having a "baby-making homestay" with her.
    You unload your lust on her, and she happily accepts each bit of debauched play you suggest.
    She becomes your loving impregnation momma!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A tale of revenge by goblins after their village is destroyed by humans
    Goblins, whose village was destroyed by humans, receive special powers from a goddess.
    The goblin, empowered, rapes the heroines who treat the goblins like small fry, and captures the heroines.
    The captured heroines are impregnated and give birth to goblins, forming a goblin army.
    Goblin army raids human strongholds, and goblin army destroys human strongholds. ……

  • Language: English
    I vividly remember my first time with an escort.

    It was last summer, my wife and I divorced after twenty years of married life. I worked my ass off so I could support us so she wouldn't have to lead an embarrassing life of poverty. It was all for naught, though. She eventually confessed that she found me repulsive, and that she was cheating on me with a guy over twenty years my junior. I was stunned, but I wasn't angry. I wasn't sad. I didn't even find it to be all that strange. The years I spent toiling away as a wage-slave stripped the love I had for my wife along with it.

    That's precisely why I felt downright merry the night following our divorce. I went out drinking on my own, wandering around downtown for the first time since my bachelor days. The city had changed just like I did. As I watched the youngsters who now laid claim to downtown, I realized someone was looking at me.

    The gaze belonged to a girl much younger than myself. At first glance, she seemed like the kind of girl who'd look disgusted if she had to sit next to a middle-aged guy like me on the train. But she made no effort to distance herself. In fact, she approached me... "Looking for a good time?"

    And so began the tale of a divorcee with an unparalleled sex drive and his escort escapades with five young, Saintly Sluts.

  • Obedient Women


    Language: English, Japanese
    All of the heroines are enjoying their lives.
    But, each one has a hidden secret.
    The main character discovers their secrets and manipulates them to be obedient to him.
    They project a life of happiness in public, but actually reveal their humiliation and erotic pleasure in private with you.
    You are the only one who will know!

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