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  • Language: English, Chinese
    Surrounded by the blue sea and green mountains, the protagonist moved there.
    For him, who has been struggling with the competitive society of the city, this is not a place to retreat, but a new battlefield.

    ――It was supposed to be.

    But, there was no such thing.
    From the first day at his new school, he is taken out by his classmates, enjoying what they do, and being inspired by them.

    Meanwhile, the three girls that the protagonist met also changed him again: a bright and lively kouhai who has a shocking encounter, Amahara Kogane; a shrine maiden senpai who looks out of this world but is surprisingly mischievous, Kaminashi Yashiro; a tsundere girl and daughter of the landlord who takes care of the protagonist, Ainokura Kazuha.

    In the vividness of summer, the love that is born between them will eventually turns into a deep love.

    Friendship and love are interwoven.
    A love story that only students can tell begins.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    “Welcome to ‘Josou Tantei Yagyan’!
    In this action infiltration game, you will play as the protagonist, Yagyan Hagane.
    She is a detective skilled in cross-dressing, using her unique abilities to infiltrate criminal hideouts, rescue missing girls, and continue the search for her missing sister.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    In the near future…
    A world where the virtual space “Real Dive System” has become the basis of people’s entertainment.
    The main character, Hikaru Nitta, becomes involved in a dark conspiracy that takes advantage of the Real Dive System…
    All heroines available for NTR! A pure love/NTR branching RPG!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    In the year 2030, humanoid robot technology has advanced significantly. After working tirelessly for years, you manage to save up to buy a customized companion robot: “Hina” the Sleeping Beauty.

    Unfortunately, the Hina you have purchased is defective and will stop functioning in seven days! Using your skills and resources, you begin to save her from a complete breakdown! Unbeknownst to you, she begins to develop a “soul”...

  • Language: English
    Alchemist's Secret is a puzzle game. You are an Alchemist, experimenting with some potions to make you hornier than ever! With each potion made, you want to fuck everything in your path. Play a calm and casual game of sorting colors to complete each stage.
    In this game, you'll have to sort every color in a specific flask to complete the potions.
    This game aims to make you relax and enjoy life, with many hentai animations and casual challenges.

  • Language: English
    "I just want to find my place in life. But why is it so difficult?"

    "The girl went outside and saw me sitting under her door."

    - "You seem to be in trouble. Would you like to come and warm up?"

    - "If you allow..."

    Tomboy: Love in Hot Forge is a medieval VN about guy who was left on the street without money. Bridgid is a blacksmith girl who invited you to spend the night at her house. Find out what difficulties you will face and how your relationship will develop.

  • Language: English
    Zombies left, right and center!! Will the maids be able to bring peace back to Akiba?! A shooting game aimed at restoring peace to Akiba by controlling gun-slinging maids and defeating zombies.

  • Language: English
    You are the advisor of the art club and the only other person in there is Ichijou Erika. She offers to be a model for the club but your eyes begin to wander towards her erotic body. Something she is very aware of.
    “I wouldn’t mind… if it were with you… ♥♥”
    How will you maintain your composure in front of her lascivious invitation?!

  • Musumama 2


    Language: English
    The protagonist, Ren, is an honor student, who is strictly educated by his mother and trying to succeed his father, who is a doctor.
    He respects his mother a lot, but sometimes, he just wants her to be a little bit more lenient.

    One day, he accidently sees his mother masturbating.
    After that, when studying with her, he keeps thinking of it and gets excited.
    Even though he is ready to be scolded, she calmly chided:
    "So this is why you can't concentrate."
    And promptly help him get off.

    From then on, in other to help him focus, she decides to help him relief every study session...

  • Language: English
    In her quest to learn the ways of chivalry, the red-haired knight Giselle found herself serving under Sharon's princess-to-be, Lana. Together, they will uncover the secrets clouding the lands and learn the true meaning behind their destinies. No curse is too powerful to hinder them, no sword is too sharp to cut them down. This is the story of the Curse-Errant Knight.

  • Nurtale Nesche


    Language: English, Japanese
    Neche is a young girl who has fallen into the hands of demons and has been turned into a comforter.
    Can she escape safely from the dungeon where these merciless demons roam?
    The war with demons has lasted more than a hundred years, and the lingering echoes of the war still reverberate in this time of turmoil.
    In the past, many heroes and adventurers have stood up against the oncoming forces of evil, sometimes triumphing, but they too were unable to resist the passage of time and faded away in vain.
    But time has passed in vain, and the attacks by evil monsters continue unabated in many parts of the world.
    In an age that trembles under the weight of relentless conflict, an ominous change has come to the demons’ power.
    Having long been in contact with humans, the demons have come to learn cunning from humans, and have begun to wage war and seize human lands and treasures.
    Not content with waging war and seizing human lands and treasures, they had learned to possess and enjoy humans themselves.
    Those who fell into the hands of the demons were treated ruthlessly and cruelly in the name of games.
    Even now, there is a girl who has become the property of demons and is treated as a mere comfort…

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