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  2. Onmyoji also has surprisingly nice music for a gacha
  3. The game concept is good, Story is good. Great game. But I noticed something. When I play RPG (RPG Maker game), and the BGM catch my interest, I will immediately decrypt the BGM folder. I listened to it and found one BGM that really familiar. There's Koihime Musou BGM inside.
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  5. Ivan

    Trap Genesis

    Name of game should give you a clue. TBH, I have no idea how to treat games featuring traps/femboys etc. - technically it's male on male sex, but putting it in Yaoi section would feel wrong too.
  6. Vulkandrache

    Trap Genesis

    Upon seeing the "male only" tags i was confused for a moment. The description just didnt sound like that.
  7. Cyberpunk x sexual harassment A game that doesn't feel altogether new, but not nostalgic either. An adult game in the traditional style with new flourishes. The game contains lots of hardcore H to go with excellent music and CG. Mercury: the year 5029 The story takes place on Mercury, in a city full of halfwits and neon lights. In this place, the natural light of stars cannot reach Search the beautiful 2D world, show "music" to the denizens of Mercury to gather information, and prepare for an onslaught from outer space. Like cyberpunk and rabbit-eared maids?
  8. Ivan

    Trap Genesis

    After settling out the ban on love imposed by Tamaki and Subaru, peace returns to the life of our favorite group. Finally, it's time for the festival... unless a certain kluts of a goddess called Hinowa has a say in it! As luck, would have it, Hinowa turns out to be an ancient goddess of chaos! As the world as we know it is about to be engulfed in chaos and darkness, our lovely hinky goddesses make a final stand! Will they be able to save the world?! Will their love finally be acknowledged?! Find out this and more, in Trap Shrine trilogy's riveting finale!
  9. "Quit your yammering and get back to work!" That sharp-eyed woman is Kanade Otoya, the store owner's wife. The manager here isn't just tough; she never changes her mind and won't tolerate a single word from others about how the shop is run. However, she's convinced things aren't going well because of everyone but her and flips out at me and the part-time staff, so I haven't been able to find a solution. I force a smile in an attempt to avoid her wrath, and she heads to her office, where she remains for the next few hours. When I glance at my watch, I notice it has gott
  10. Ivan

    Part-time Wife's Affair

    The protagonist, Shimokita Hideki is a university student who left the countryside for the city. He holds a part-time job at a nearby supermarket to pay for his rent and living expenses. There, he encountered a married woman brimming with allure, who is quite stimulating especially for a naive boy straight out of the country. That married woman's name is Uwai Yumi. Overflowing with womanly charms, Hideki thought that she was unapproachable at first, but because of her friendly and sociable nature, he immediately warmed up to her that he even consults her on love issues. Hideki m
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  12. Ivan

    Dreamy Beach

    You are resting on a luxurious beach, where you meet a beautiful girl there to win her heart and affection and are friendly with her. Work every day to go fishing and make money. Use the money to buy gifts and food and unleash your sex skills.
  13. Ivan

    Fake Hostel

    Take care of the girls, clear their pipes, and unlock animated scenes! Fake Hostel is a classic pipe puzzle game with lots of fun scenes and pleasing artwork. Move pipes around, complete numerous levels and reveal all our girls' secrets! You play as Perdo, the plumber. He is an experienced old man. A cozy old house Pedro owns, for whatever reason attracts a lot of attention from young girls. So he decided to rent the rooms out to them. Help the girls out and take good care of them, and they'll surely let you in on their deepest secrets! Complete all the 45 levels to enjoy the
  14. Outpost Omega J

    Primal x Hearts 2

    I was going to say something here but either the spoiler tags to hide text aren't working or I don't have the right commands. I also can't find a delete post option so I can't get rid of this. Sorry. I though the commands where [spoiler]You can't see me![/spoiler].
    1. kn1000a


      Wait lol I didn't realize it's a game you linked. That is wild.



    2. Hero


      Classic cross channel parody game lol

  15. Just logged in after like 6 years, and I'll probably forgot to say in in a few days, so happy birthday.

  16. I am happy to see the proof of life progress on the Aiyoku No Eustia translation efforts. The last previous update was on littleshogun's August 22nd thread. Weeks with out even a 0.01% increase was a little concerning. And yes, I'm also periodically checking the Fuwanovel progress tracking spreadsheet.
  17. ‡†~~VNs Translation Status~~†‡ The Updates will be in red so check them every Sunday Aiyoku No Eustia - 100% translated and edited, 92.78% TLC, Eris's patch released Akatsuki no Goei - Aya route patch released, all routes fully translated Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ - Prologue and Reika After fully translated, Tae After being translated Amagami - "Script translation and editing 100% done. Working on syncing up any missing text across versions." Aonatsu Line - Project Started
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  19. New SRW is getting translated and on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/898750/Super_Robot_Wars_30/
  20. I watched the anime but haven't play the VN yet. The VN I'm searching now are more to mecha combat. Fight between robot or using robot. also fine
  21. I remember playing super robot wars on NDS, I think the second game still not translated. Exceed I think I wanted to play Sakura Taisen but always forgot to download it. My next game I guess. Too bad only the first game is translated. And the new released game Sakura Wars is only for PS 4.
  22. Robotics;Notes has a very heavy mecha theme throughout. The main girl never shuts up about robots afterall, but you'll definitely want to read Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate first before trying it out otherwise you won't understand a lot in the game.
  23. Those are big mecha vn titles, so now if you want more you have to look into games where mech isn't a focus https://vndb.org/v5883 I also suggesting looking into SRPG like https://vndb.org/v952 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars list of all titles with mecha genre, has english, and is on windows https://vndb.org/g377?m=1&f=022gen4owin&s=33w
  24. Looks like you played most of the translated ones.
  25. So far mecha vn I've played are: Demonbane Baldr sky & Baldr Force Muv-Luv series Ace academy Sunrider Galaxy angel (Not really mecha, but I'll include it) Full Metal Daemon Muramasa (Currently playing) I think this is all mecha I can remember.
  26. Outpost Omega J

    Honey Select 2 DX

    To anybody looking to vanillafy this game of the extra user created maps and character creator content, you can read how I figured out how to do it in this forum thread:
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