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Girl Stuck in a Hole

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One day, you're casually walking along the street when you discover a girl that's stuck inside a hole.
Since she doesn't want me to call for more help, it's up to me to save her alone.
Whether by shaking her hips, stripping her, peeping on her, getting her wet, or pushing against her!?

Use whatever means at your disposal to get her out of the hole!
...and find out why she's in such a hurry to escape!


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    • The main character Yuina Shizuhara is a masturbation loving schoolgirl.
      One day she decides to go to a certain park because her simple masturbation sessions can’t satisfy her anymore.
      There are rumors about the park that men and women go there in search of pleasure…
    • During the rise of the Demon Lord, humanity put aside its differences and came together to save the world.
      After the war, humans began persecuting all demons, even those who didn’t align themselves with the Demon Lord.
      They were effectively forced to go into hiding.
      18 years later, a young man named Rein trained alongside his childhood friend, Ciel.
      They aimed to become imperial knights for their homeland, the aggressively expansionist Cedis Empire.
      After venturing into a cave, a mysterious figure spirits Rein away and tells him,
      “We have been looking for you, Demon Lord Diabolos.”
    • Ema gave up the old adventure-quest life to make a family.
      However, her tranquil life was darkened by portentous clouds.
      When the town of Vaira was stricken by a riot of monsters,
      Ema took up her sword once again, for the sake of her son's future.
      She reunited with Miguel, her old questing comanion, and together they went to Vaira.
      As protagonist Ema, milf warrior, your story unfolds in Vaira and the nearby
      ruins of an ancient empire. The merchants of Vaira are profiteering from the monsters
      that have brought in new adventurers, so shop items and inns are expensive.
      Meanwhile, the unsavory nature of the locals is a primary concern for Ema.
      Adventuring is dangerous - Ema's an old pro, but she has new restrictions.
      Can she remain a virtuous wife? You, as the player, will have to decide.
    • "Wildy" A new housewife living in the countryside.

      Her husband went on to become a gladiator for make money.

      One Day....The Soldier knocked on the door of her house.

      He came to give the bad news.

      He said her husband had died.

      He was killed by "The Golden Giant " Top Rank Gladiator.

      To avenge her husband.

      She practices fighting and become a gladiator............
    • A group of unidentified monsters have appeared in the city!
      It’s up to the FAIRY STRIKERS to stop them!
      The battle begins!
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