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Seed of the Dead - COMPLETE EDITION

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

A heart-pumping fusion of zombie FPS and erotic dating sim! A sudden pandemic has turned the world into a zombie-infested hellscape. Seek safety with three attractive heroines!


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    • ABOUT
      Welcome to ‘’INVADER’’ a twisted death game where survival hinges not just on your brawn and brains, but on how far you’re willing to bend your morals to survive. These grotesque death challenges will push your sanity to the brink and erode any sense of moral decency you have.
      Release Date: June 17, 2024
      Developer: Reikodium: Itch.io - Twitter - Discord - Patreon
      Censored: No
      Version: 1.0.0
      OS: Android - Windows - Android
      Language: English
      Genre: Visual Novel

    • ABOUT:
      Nine strangers. One creepy mansion. Zero Escape.

      You awaken in a luxurious, yet dark and creepy mansion with 8 other strangers. Before you can grasp this weird situation, a strange creature calling herself ‘’Nyx’’ appears and announces a horrifying reality: you're all trapped in a twisted game of deception and murder, a real-life version of the Werewolf/Mafia game.
      However, death is not permanent. Every time you die in this game, you open your eyes to find yourself right at the start of the loop forever trapped in an endless game of death and misery.
      But fear not, you’re not alone. Unlike the others, a mysterious girl named ‘’ Astrid’’ seems to also retain her memories across the time loops.
      Will you two work together to uncover the secrets of this mansion, and break free from this eternal cycle of death and despair ...
      Will you forever be forced to repeat this sick game until the end of your days?
      Only ‘’YOU’’ can decide
      Release Date: 06-4-24
      Developer: Hina Aozora Games: Itch - Patreon - Discord - Twitter
      Censored: No
      Version: 1.0.3
      OS: Android, Linux, macOS, Windows
      Language: English
      Genre: Visual Novel, Survival
      Installation: Extract and run.
    • Surrounded by the blue sea and green mountains, the protagonist moved there.
      For him, who has been struggling with the competitive society of the city, this is not a place to retreat, but a new battlefield.

      ――It was supposed to be.

      But, there was no such thing.
      From the first day at his new school, he is taken out by his classmates, enjoying what they do, and being inspired by them.

      Meanwhile, the three girls that the protagonist met also changed him again: a bright and lively kouhai who has a shocking encounter, Amahara Kogane; a shrine maiden senpai who looks out of this world but is surprisingly mischievous, Kaminashi Yashiro; a tsundere girl and daughter of the landlord who takes care of the protagonist, Ainokura Kazuha.

      In the vividness of summer, the love that is born between them will eventually turns into a deep love.

      Friendship and love are interwoven.
      A love story that only students can tell begins.
    • ABOUT
      This game is weird.
      CATMORPHOSIS is a supernatural visual novel with weird romantic elements and adult scenes. 
      In this game, you take the role of Johann, a typical h0rnyy protagnist, basically textbook. His girlfriend, Wendy, recently broke up with her so he went into the abyss of broken-heartedness, aside from the occassional naughty encounters with his workmates.
      One night, he received a popup ad about a cat so he decided to take it and order a cat online. The ad took to a weird website selling cats, which isn't that weird at first until the website showcases their cats as if their cats are demons or something. Of course, our awesome protagonist Johann decided to buy one.
      However, when the cat arrives a few days later, it's definitely NOT a normal cat.
      There's nothing normal with that cat at all.
      Release Date: 03-22-2024
      Developer: KatWhorm: Itch.io - Patreon - Discord - Twitter
      Censored: No
      OS: Windows - macOS - Linux - Android
      Language: English
      Genre: Visual Novel
      Installation: Extract and run.

    • ABOUT
      You play a character called ‘Ted/Taichi.’ Together with your assistant ‘Luna/Tsukiko,’ you explore haunted places to capture ghosts. Unfortunately, your last investigation took a disastrous turn, landing you in the hospital. Now, after being discharged, you return home to resume your perilous adventures.
      Get ready for more supernatural challenges and thrilling encounters in your quest to capture restless spirits.
      Release Date: 12-27-2023
      Developer: LAGS: Itch
      Censored: No
      OS: Windows 
      Language: English
      Genre: Survival
      Installation: Extract and run.

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