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    • My parents are on vacation and it's just me and my big sister.
      She says she wants something.
      And to earn money, she wants me to play with her friends.
      Of course I like to play with them, so I say yes.
      I don't know how it works, but we can get a lot of money just by playing with her friends.
      She said it is called "support".

      After a while, my sister's friend came to my house.
      She started to look at me.
      I felt strange.

      Then she started to touch my body!
      I didn't like it, but my sister held me down, and they started to naughty things!
      And then, another friend came. One and another!

      I've never played anything like this before!
    • The main character, Retsu, is tutored by his friend Yuki, the daughter of a rich man.
      On the first day of tutoring, Retsu falls for Yuki’s seduction and is falsely accused of sexual harassment.
      Yuki takes advantage of Retsu’s weakness, and Retsu becomes Yuki’s servant.
      Yuki, the daughter of a wealthy man, is a preposterous little bitch.
      Yuki’s mental attacks on Retsu exhaust him day by day.
      One day, Retsu meets a hypnotism master, Zenzai, and learns hypnotism.
      Retsu’s hypnotic revenge begins.
    • A girl is looking for stress-release methods online during her exam studies,
      and what she found was using exhibition play…
      Though skeptical at first, after experiencing uplifting yet immoral emotions
      when she tried it, she began to intensify her actions…
    • “You are asked to infiltrate a nobleman’s mansion as his servant.”
      The mission told to the hero and Azami, who are both skilled agents,
      The mission is to infiltrate the mansion as a servant and obtain hidden evidence.
      The owner of the mansion is Baron Orlando, who is known to be a lustful man and is the subject of endless black rumors.
      The heroine is quickly recruited by the maid for her skills as a butler and blends in with her, The heroine is immediately wooed by the baron and declared his “favorite” because of her beauty. The heroine is called upon by the baron night after night to help his beloved girlfriend, Azami, behind his back,
      While helping his beloved girlfriend Azami, who is summoned by the baron at night, he interacts with the ten different maids and other unusual visitors to find evidence. Can the hero successfully obtain the evidence of his evil deeds and return home with the heroine?
    • The student council president who also works part time at a convenience…yes, her!
      In truth, she’s got another side gig; fighting as a “Kaijin” in illegal underground prizefights!
      However, her defeats land her in compromising and embarrassing situations.
      She gets sexually harassed all over town, and her shameful appearances get uploaded to social media…

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