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Back 4 Boobs: Sakura's Escape

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

Guys became super weird after the virus spread out!

Did those ugly insectoid monster made them that way?

Either way, you should never fall into zombies' hands!

Especially when all your equipment are... gone.

Equipment Break Down System:
Disgusting creatures will tear off your equipment! Once your equipment is destroyed, you can only use your body against attacks from them!

Multiple game modes!:
Arrive at the retreat point, collect samples, escape within a limited time... Each mode challenges your instinct to survive!

Card Combination System:
Encounter an enemy that cannot be defeated? Try to adjust your cards to reduce enemy attacks and improve your equipment performance!

Collect supplies:
The ammunition will be exhausted and the equipment will be damaged, but you can collect supplies along the way to increase your continuation power!

Changeable terrain:
Have you successfully clear a level and knowing about the map? The map and scenery will change every time! You must be tense enough for your survival!

Defeated system:
All kinds of evil and ugly monsters have occupied all parts of the world! Don't fall into their hands, otherwise, you will meet a tragic fate!


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