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Crossdresser Detective 2

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

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  • See also:

    • An adventurer, Aisha, takes on a quest from the adventurer's guild and plunges headfirst into danger once again. This time, she sets off by ship and is assailed by a sudden storm and a fearsome, giant monster. The struggle ends as she falls overboard and is cast away to an unknown island. However, it appears that the pirates controlling the island aren’t the only threat. There’s also a huge sea monster that sinks any ship it encounters to worry about! Aisha must now find a safe way home from the Ardusta Sea!
    • Neche is a young girl who has fallen into the hands of demons and has been turned into a comforter.
      Can she escape safely from the dungeon where these merciless demons roam?
      The war with demons has lasted more than a hundred years, and the lingering echoes of the war still reverberate in this time of turmoil.
      In the past, many heroes and adventurers have stood up against the oncoming forces of evil, sometimes triumphing, but they too were unable to resist the passage of time and faded away in vain.
      But time has passed in vain, and the attacks by evil monsters continue unabated in many parts of the world.
      In an age that trembles under the weight of relentless conflict, an ominous change has come to the demons’ power.
      Having long been in contact with humans, the demons have come to learn cunning from humans, and have begun to wage war and seize human lands and treasures.
      Not content with waging war and seizing human lands and treasures, they had learned to possess and enjoy humans themselves.
      Those who fell into the hands of the demons were treated ruthlessly and cruelly in the name of games.
      Even now, there is a girl who has become the property of demons and is treated as a mere comfort…
    • Slave Farm Maker is your own meat slave farm.
      It is a tool for creating a human farm.
      Enjoy freely placing adventurers such as warriors, heroes, and wizards.
      Meat slave, human urinal, tentacle torture, futanari ejaculation, milking,
      From ranch facilities such as interspecies sex, enemas, and blackmail blowjobs.
      Execution facilities such as crucifixion, branding, guillotine, and gallows are also available.
    • A cult named "Lord of lust Sect" captures sacrifices worldwide to unlock the seal of the "Lord of lust", esteemed by them.
      One day, a man is kidnapped and imprisoned by this mysterious cult. Alongside him is a cute fairy girl, also captured like you.
      Players must follow the fairy girl through a seven-day sex ritual,
      providing essence to unlock the "Lord of lust" 's seal.
      In order to escape, you must do that.
      In this seven-day sex ritual with the fairy,
      choose the intimate activities indicated on the cards for the ritual.
      Advance the game's story line through arranging cards and engaging in touch-based game play.
      Strengthen your abilities by accumulating action points (AP) and repeat the rituals until cult's goals are achieved.
    • A trap of bondage indignity closes in on the magical girl!
      With each limb restrained, her actions become more limited by the “Bondage Battle System.”
      Combining various animations for battle scenes, combat H, and defeat H scenes, along with the cute and charming voice of Miki Honda, you can enjoy a dramatic and erotic RPG.

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