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Dungeon Core Master

  • Language: English

Variety of choices - How does YOUR story end?

-Immerse yourself in an anime-inspired fantasy world with over 70 total choice points and reach one of the few possible endings!

-Would you run head-first to danger or take a more pragmatic approach? Which decisions will you make?


Several fetishes and positions!

Includes sexual activities and positions - missionary, from behind, earfuck, choking, carried, handjob, 69 blowjob, paizuri/titjob, footjob, impregnation (optional), clothed sex.

It's a fantasy world story!

-This Visual Novel follows the story of Stevyn, an experienced adventurer, alongside his companions as they take on a seemingly simple quest. However, things don't go as they hoped for...

-Embark on a journey to clear the Dungeon! Avoid traps, reach the center, discover ancient secrets, and try to return safely!

-Colorful and diverse characters, carefully crafted story and lore bring this epic tale to life!


Several Event CGs!

-Each of the 9 sex scenes has a few variations depending on your choices or scene progression!

-See a few important story points illustrated! Plot-twisting revelations, cute-yet-heartbreaking moments!


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