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Durak NTR: the Fool who lost his gf in a card game

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Durak (Russian for "Fool") is a classic card game for 2 to 4 players using the 6-Ace cards of a standard deck of playing cards, where players take turns 'attacking' and 'defending' with cards in their hand. Like all social games that combine skill and chance, it also has a long gambling history. Whether it's for money, deeds, guard duty or a pack of smokes, there's always one fool who loses something. Occasionally even something important.

Players will be accompanied by their girlfriend Charlotte and play several hands of Durak against a loan shark to try and clear their debt. Charlotte will react to each win and loss. Win 5 and you're free, lose 5 and your life will only get worse. If Charlotte is not your type or you just want more, there are dlc girls with different personalities, reactions and secrets to choose from as well.


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