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Echoes Of The Town

  • Language: English

Join Akemi, freshly returned from her overseas studies, as she discovers her legacy and unravels the mysteries of her grandmother's house. Set in a meticulously crafted pixel art world, every scene comes to life with stunning animations, each frame hand-drawn with love and dedication.

Akemi's inheritance comes with a twist - a hefty heritage tax. With interest accumulating, she's left with no choice but to roll up her sleeves and dive into the quirky world of the town. Work alongside eccentric townsfolk, complete quests, and explore a diverse landscape, all in the pursuit of saving her cherished family home.


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  • See also:

    • Theresa, the childhood friend of the insensitive protagonist, is shouldering her father’s enormous debt.
      You will guide the no-good protagonist and take on a quest to pay off his debts… However, as
      the days go by without making money, “Theresa” begins to fall into the clutches of debt collectors…?
    • A 2D side-scrolling action game with simple controls. Iris is A hard-working girl who learned magic in the royal capital. Although she has excellent magical skills, she has little practical experience.
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      Officially, it is the area where women from the entertainment industry tend to the world-class athletes visiting for the games.
      But underneath that sparkling public image lies the true filthy underbelly… a lawless den of debauchery!
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    • "There is only one method to equal gods.
      It's to become cruel like gods."
      Salvador Dali

      A prodigious young actress passed away.
      At the end of the magnificent play, the highly esteemed girl found a kernel of truth.

      Years pass and spring arrives.
      In a freshman welcoming party, a certain program will catch the protagonist Sewa Tamaki's eye.

      "Welcome to the Lampyris Troupe!"

      A guerilla public performance that would be held by a student theatre group.
      The protagonist, once debuted as a child prodigy but now left the path of the theatre arts, indulged in nostalgic memories.

      "Let's peek in for a bit"

      An irrational story born out of curiosity.
      Once the curtain for the tale unfolds, it probably won't stop until the very end.

      An airhead girl who loves to act, Kakehashi Kohaku.
      Theatre arts' poster child, Nionomiya Meguri.
      A net idol currently rising in popularity, Amatsuka Nanana.
      The girl working behind-the-scenes who gave up acting, Hakadori Rize.

      "Let's make it the best play!"

      They would perform a public play based on Norse mythology entitled "Philia".
      While bathed under the dazzling spotlight, they who dance the tale are beautiful.

      The white hair with red eyes leads the way.
      To a convenient conclusion for you.
    • The magician's granddaughter, Reci,
      in order to fulfill her sick grandfather's wish,
      left the village with her two childhood friends
      and embarked on a journey to become a full-fledged magician.

      This is how it should be...

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