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Our main character this time is Y*r, an extremely attractive, graceful,

and tall young woman with a slim yet curvy figure.

She has married a Man, Loid and becomes Anya’s adoptive mother.

Y*r has been struggling trying to help Anya to enroll her in a highly prestigious school,

but it has been made clear that the headmaster and school administrations of these schools are not easily bought. ..

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    • An alien species suddenly lands in the border city of Madrokias,
      and the government's attempt at peaceful contact was completely shut-down.
      This species had no interest in that from the start.
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      Sakihime finally got a job as an inma at “Inma Daiichi Sangyo” and started working.
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      When she can’t meet her quota, she faces a hellish working environment.
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    • Orphaned and poverty-stricken, Francoise
      was a survivor who worked the rough job of a ranger,
      until the royal hand called on her to the castle...
      In the first half of the story, Francoise becomes a holy knight,
      embattled and sometimes harassed as her days progress.
      In the second half of the story, she achieves her goal,
      but in spite of her status Francoise is violated and sexually corrupted.
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