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Until new wife Chloe falls

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  • See also:

    • An alien species suddenly lands in the border city of Madrokias,
      and the government's attempt at peaceful contact was completely shut-down.
      This species had no interest in that from the start.
      And thus, their invasion began...

      As blood was spilt on both sides, the species released a mysterious creature, later known
      as the "Nanosomi", on the city.

      Finally, the war ended, and the wounds and pain from the conflict were starting to heal.
      Like a "parting gift", the figures of the slain species rose again to the sky. Parted from their bodies,
      they could not attack, only hover in the air, ever-threatening the citizens.

      Soon, a mysterious illness falls upon the city.
      The government locks down the city and the surrounding area to contain it, dubbing the
      area the "Madrokias Containment Zone".

      Of course, this mysterious illness was that "gift" from the invading species...
      Those who wish not to turn into monsters from it can only cure the rare ailment
      via undesired impregnation...
    • The seemingly never-ending battle between Exodus and Magna that had raged since 2065 finally drew to a close. Exodus was disbanded, and the world's nations abandoned Almakarta.

      In the year 2140, World War III broke out due to a global food crisis caused by overpopulation and climate change. The intense fighting wiped out many nations outright and left the Earth in ruins. As a result, the global population dwindled from billions to just a few hundred million.

      In the aftermath, people began to gather, leading to the creation of a megalopolis called Neo-Eden. Within this city, a new military company was created. This company's name was Exodus.

      Exodus's mission was to create a new future for humanity by combining humans with machines. These cybernetic humans became known as Roids. Although 'Roiding' was initially met with controversy, the advantages of becoming one were overwhelming. Before long, the Roids began to outnumber traditional humans.

      It is now the year 2200, and social inequality is once again pushing humanity to its breaking point...
    • Young female knight Reisha of the royal capital Near Lake was lamenting.
      The sudden death of the former king had caused political turmoil, the current reigning princess who succeeded the throne lacked convincing authority, the rapid increase of monster nests threatening the royal capital’s territory, and her own immaturity as a knight, which was not enough to serve the motherland she had sworn loyalty to.
      Amidst such chaos, an order was bestowed upon Reisha by the king.
      It was a quest to search for the now lost holy sword “Sword of Dawn,” passed down in the legends of the royal capital──.
    • It is a story about a protagonist whose marriage life doesn’t go well, who is summoned to another world and conquers a dungeon with a certain mysterious woman. Only… In the miracle of those days, he realized what he should accomplish…
    • The world of Ecstasia.
      Here, monsters and humans live peacefully in their own lands.

      One day, however, a powerful succubus named "Lulu" appears, proclaiming herself Monarch of the Monster Kingdom and shattering that peace.

      Shuri, the only daughter of the former Demon King, is the sole monster looking for the opportunity to overthrow Lulu and take back the Monster Kingdom.

      Much time passed as she waited until finally a "Hero" from the Human Kingdom appeared and a light of hope glimmered into existence.

      This hero possessed a unique skill - the more he fucks, the stronger he gets.
      With this weapon at his disposal, he takes on the dungeons on the lead-up to the Monarch's Castle.

      Deep within these dungeons lie the ever-so-cute and sexy monster girls.
      As Shuri, guide the hero through the dungeons to fuck these brainwashed monster girls, power up and take on the Monarch herself!
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