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MAMIYA -DoomsDay Dreams-

  • Language: English, Japanese

MAMIYA - DoomsDayDreams is the thrilling final part of the dark mystery visual novel MAMIYA, in which in which a group of young men struggle against existential dread before the end of the world.

In order to alter the fates of your friends, you must undertake a mission to rewrite the course of their stories.

“MAMIYA” appears out of nowhere.
The faceless children distort the lives of your friends, becoming their only source of support.
In order to save them, you must uncover the grand enigma surrounding Mamiya.

The funeral of a friend. An era marked by a yearning for death. A shared illusion.

In an unstable world where fact and fiction intersect, the gears of destiny for our cast begin to turn.

Who is “MAMIYA?”
What is the meaning behind their existence?
Will you be able to fulfill your mission and save your friends?

Your choices will determine the conclusion of this ultimate dark mystery. Transcend despair, uncover the mystery, and struggle towards the truth!

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