• Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos

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    Dysfunctional Systems is an episodic visual novel chronicling the life of Winter Harrison. Having long become comfortable with her utopian society, Winter is surprised to learn that there are other worlds in other planes of existence. These worlds are quite different from hers, ranging from troubled, to dystopian, to futuristic or fantastical. However, they are all riddled with problems that, if not resolved, may adversely affect her home world. She is chosen to become a "mediator", charged with the maintenance of order in these chaotic planes, and so enters a vocational school for training. Episode 1 details her second shadowing of a seasoned mediator, only a few weeks into her first year. She and her mentor enter a world seemingly much like their own, except for this issue of "poverty" with which Winter has difficulty understanding...

    Dysfunctional Systems Episode 0: Orientation
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      What do you guys think about this VN?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Whitetragedy View Post
      What do you guys think about this VN?
      looks good
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      is it shoujo ai?
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