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Shopping Mall Japan (Doubts and questions)

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After a lot of hesitation, I decided to try to buy the VN I love from Getchu using Shopping Mall Japan for direct purchase and delivery.

I barely know a few words and phrases in Japanese, so I'll have to search a translator like Visual Novel Reader or similar, but I'll worry about that when I'll finally have the game in my hands.


I'd like to ask those who have already used SMJ some information and advice, because it's the first time I make such a purchase process and I've a great fear of making regrettable mistakes.


Well, I read the detailed instructions about the payment and I think I'll have to opt for PayPal (hoping the rechargeable one works) because my usual Italian Credit Card is obviously not provided among the ones they accept.

I doubt I could use a relative's Visa or Master Card, even if they agree to lend it to me, because the registration on the site would be in my name, but the Credit Card belonging to someone else.


Here's the first question, I hope it's not silly or naive...

Obviously the payment will be calculated in U.S. Dollars, but my PayPal is charged in Euros.

Will the calculation of currency change be automatic? Or will I have to charge my rechargeable PayPal in Dollars?


Second question: I can't understand if the Cash Deposit is automatically counted in the total amount of my first expense or has to be paid separately...


I thank you all for giving me a bit of your precious time and I apologize for writing such a long and grammatically improvable post... :o

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Sorry for my long absence, I had my usual health issues... :)


Thanks for the advice, I visited their forums, but unfortunately it's little frequented... So I signed up: I found by myself the answer to the majority of my doubts; for a couple of other questions I sent them an email, to which they responded with speed and patience. :)


And I DID IT! :o


I managed to order my beloved Pure Doll and another Old School VN from comshop, along with other items from Yahoo Auctions!


The shipment should take place very soon... :)

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