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Daddy’s Goodnight Kiss is a visual novel made with Renpy. Click the screen to progress the story. The game prompts you with branching dialog choices at key moments in the story. Press CTRL to skip dialogue. Press ‘H’ to hide the dialogue box.


At the start of the game, you’re given multiple presets to decide the setup of the story. Does banging your stepdaughter seem gross and unethical? You can choose the “Tutor” preset, so you’ll be banging your student instead. And for the super vanilla fappers, you can even choose “Roommate” and remove the taboo content entirely.


Each character in the game has special stats that indicate how far you’ve gotten in earning their trust. Whether it’s “affection” or “discipline”, each girl has unique prerequisites that you’ll need to fulfill if you want to fuck them.


These girls’ needs can be met by talking to them, giving them gifts, and unlocking special sexy events with them. The sex can start out as a foot rub. Play your cards right, and you’ll be giving them a whole lot more than a rub!


The protagonist has stats of his own: Seduction, Law, and Coding. ‘Seduction’ increases relationship success. ‘Coding’ increases money earned from your job. A high ‘Law’ status earns you the best ending, where you successfully divorce your wife!


Stats can be raised at home, or in town. You level up the stats halfway at home, then find a special location in town to raise them higher. You can start lifting weights at home, but soon you won’t be making “gains” anymore, and have to enroll at a gym.


There is an achievement system that serves as a game-guide to show you which scenes you’ve unlocked so far. Once you’ve gotten all achievements, you’ll know that you’ve 100% completed the game.


Daddys Goodnight Kiss Taboo patreon visual novel developed by Dirty Secret Studio October 2017 (.jpg



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