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    Mutiny!! is set in a world of fantasy, both sexual and adventurous. A realm where airships can sail among the clouds as well as the sea, and they even enter the flogiston to journey to other realms. There’s treasure spread out over many these realms if you’re brave or curious enough to find it. At the bottom of the sea or within mysterious ruins, protected by curious animated guardians. The world of Mutiny!! is in every way ‘fun’, silly and sexy as you imagine!

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    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      can any1 help me with the light out mini game? im stuck at this
    1. Blade's Avatar
      Blade -
      Start at the bottom left and go right, click four times then it should be easy to solve after that.
    1. MyNameIsMat's Avatar
      MyNameIsMat -
      If you haven't solved it yet, you can finish the light puzzle in 4 clicks. I Orange box the one you need to click shown below.
      Mutiny!! Light Puzzle 1 - Imgur
      Mutiny!! Light Puzzle 2 - Imgur
      Mutiny!! Light Puzzle 3 - Imgur
      Mutiny!! Light Puzzle 4 - Imgur
      The ship mini game where you need to survive at least 5 turns to escape is trial and error/guessing game, will probably write it down later.
    1. dragoon93041's Avatar
      dragoon93041 -
      Is the DLC going to be uploaded here?
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