• Neighbor

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    Sometimes, in life, there are places where the rules of reality just don't apply.

    Sometimes it's the one place where you ought to feel safe.

    Like your house.

    Freelance designer Yuuki Kae has just moved into a new apartment. On her move-in day, she decides to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbour... but something isn't quite right.

    Static over the intercom...
    A violently rattling doorknob...
    And a ghostly pale hand reaching out through the crack in the door...

    They said the apartment next to hers wasn't for rent. It was supposed to be empty.

    Through a series of strange events, Kae meets Hisamatsu Daigo, a fellow tenant who lives above her on the 3rd floor. Together, they must hunt for clues to solve the mystery...

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