• Ningen Debris ~Konna Jibun ni Dare ga Shita?~

    The protagonist sees his female childhood friend hugging his male childhood friend on the rooftop of school.

    The heart of the protagonist then burns with uncontrollable jealousy. He feels himself betrayed by his female childhood friend, since he has finally noticed that he loves her very much.

    The protagonist then begins a revenge strategy, a revenge plan. He wants to hurt the girl, hurt her deeply. He will do whatever that is necessary to hurt the girl and damage her in the same way, or more, that he is feeling damaged now.

    And this is the start point of the game...

    Download "Ningen Debris" game:

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    1. Nono's Avatar
      Nono -
      I downloaded this game and completed 100% (took something like 4 hours).
      Installed on Windows 7 64 bit without issues.
      I really liked the art. The hentai is mostly animated which is nice (if someone can recommend me other VN which such feature, thanks in advance).
      While the game is in Japanese, it can be completed to 100% without difficulty.
      CTRL can be used to speed up text for the new areas (helped me to complete 100% after 3 hours, it was taking too long ).
      I hope someone will pick this up for translation. It is definitely not a VN for all (mostly unhappy, sad and hard stuff). You need to stick to it to unlock the good arc (and you have to go to mostly all bad arcs to unlock the end). Even in the good arc, I did not entirely liked the main char behavior (but still much much better than most of the rest of the game ).
    1. spawnmaniakul's Avatar
      spawnmaniakul -
      I installed this game on win 7 64bits but everything is black and I can't see anything.
      How can i fix it ?
    1. napoleon's Avatar
      napoleon -
      wow cool, something really fucked up . Doh! Japanese!
    1. spriggs's Avatar
      spriggs -
      seems that the full file here has been deleted
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