• Oh, Yes! Kasshoku Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou ~Ero Ero Dekiru Mama-san Volley Kai~

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    I broke the cherished glass of my mother's. As a punishment, I was made to serve and do odd chores for a fixed period in the volleyball club, my mother does as a hobby.

    But perhaps, might not there be some young married woman and elder sisters among them!
    ...While I carried such hope, there was no one except typical aunts.
    There was not even a fragment of elder sister types among anyone I looked at.

    I have to go there every week...
    ...Should I try escaping like this.

    "....Huh? That is..."

    For some reason among the aunts, there is a person with a healthy tanned skin. Furthermore, with blond hair.
    Even seen from a distance, that body line... The body figure is quite good.
    Height is overall tall, there is no slovenly parts. It is a pretty tightened body, as if like a model.
    However, the only exposed place, particularly those big breasts are obviously quite non Japanese.

    Even just walking for a bit, she stands out so much. I wonder why I didn't notice such a person in my surroundings.

    While I was staring in fascination, the foreign woman approached me and suddenly hugged my head between her breasts.

    "I am Kouda Diana. Please take care of me♪"

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