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  1. You asked "where we cried". I said the most emotional part is in the after story, which you skipped out on. If you don't want to read it, then don't read it. Just don't ask where we cried and be surprised.

  2. I didn't watch s2 cause its only nagisa/other world related but where exactly did u guys cry ?


    There's your problem. You didn't play/watch the best part. And no, it's not only nagisa/other world related. There's a lot of other things going on.

  3. Can someone please give me a link or give me a tutorial on how to install this? i have no idea what i am doing but I have all the files and they are all just read me's with .ISO and .MDS files, im assuming I need a disk but other than than I cant figure out how to play this.


    Check out FAQ | Eroge Download


    First, make sure your locale is in Japanese. After that, download and install Daemon Tools. From there, you'll need to mount the .iso file and install the game. Then you can use the patch.

  4. Quite frankly, no one really knows. Takajun got busy with work and other stuff, so he doesn't seem to have much free time. We haven't heard any updates from him in a while. Not too sure about your second question, but aren't those after stories pretty short? I think it counts it as well.

  5. why do i get c/user/??????/Documents/FAVORITE/星空のメモリア/save/s901.bin error can anyone help me ?



    i followed the steps of instalition and my local set is japanes


    Does your windows username account contain any weird symbols or letters? Try making a new account (make sure it's an admin account) and see if you can run hoshizora on there.

  6. It is in no way a bad nukige.


    Yeah, I refuse to believe this. Most nukiges are just plain bad. I haven't played this one, but it looks like your typical bad nukige. If he likes nukiges, then he can go ahead and try it out.


    Also, just because it's "bad" doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. It's not like i'll give The Sagara Family a Pulitzer prize for writing, but it's a legendary VN.


    It's getting a remake isn't it? Hope that gets translated as well.


    Only on the Ps3. And they changed way too much.. VAs changed, most of the characters changed too much, etc. No Wakamoto = no interest.

  8. Can someone please tell me if all the data iof this game is OK (not corrupt).....

    last time i downloaded snow sakura it said "data 2" corrupt please somebody tell me should I play this game and is it ok for downloading......


    Yes. It works fine. Every VN that is uploaded on here works. It's on your end if it says corrupt.

  9. Working on getting the walkthrough for this in English based on the translation patch. Right now it is a Google Translate of the Japanese walkthrough, but I will be going back and editing the routes and choices for what is available. You can check it out here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qZFXEaPioqE3hPwgLhTVR9mxAJyOROPkVQ9bokCd59E/edit?usp=sharing


    Doesn't seem too necessary though. IIRC, the choices before the common event branch are largely irrelevant. And then you get to the branch, there are pictures or choices of all the girls available.. you just choose whose route you want to do and choose that picture a few times (you end up talking with them and end up going into their route)

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