• Shera, My Witch

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    The protagonist's father makes a deal with a devil. Shortly thereafter, a succubus visits the hero's home. She was there to fulfill his father's contract. However, she falls in love with our hero at first sight, and decides to live with him and his sister-in-law instead. Soon the succubus' mother comes knocking, and even she wants to move in on the action! Of course, being succubae, they need to get laid once in a while to keep going--might as well give them what they want!
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    1. Mitsu's Avatar
      Mitsu -
      A pretty ok VN with lots of choices and best of all Za harem end!!!
      Quite fun but the story was maybe average. I can recommend it nonetheless. It has little sister heroine (really , not blood related ofc.) , succubi heroine, and side characters you can get CGs from.
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