• Sobo to Boku

    how did you end up in the world of eroge-sobo-boku-jpg

    Even though it's still dark at night, my eyes opened up suddenly.
    Something was touching my body, my chest.
    Then, I remembered.
    It was Shouta sleeping next to me today.

    "Oh, what's wrong?"

    "Oh, well ... with such a big boobs in front of me, like those, well ... ..."

    "Huhuh, are you still a little baby, who needs a suckle?"

    At that time, my foot has touched Shouta's body, and the I felt something hard.

    "Ooh, you're getting so hard ... ... huh ..."

    I rubbed my chest and noticed my crotch has swollen ... ....
    He sees me as a "woman", not "grandmother"?
    And, he's excited as a man ... ....

    - Then, my hand unconsciously headed towards Shouta's crotch,
    I stroked the hardened part beneath the pajamas.

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