• Deep in a Thicket

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    The "usual thicket". That's what the students in the area call this place.

    You can't see any residences for hundreds of meters around. The neighborhood is covered in fallow rice fields and weedy lots.

    This area, which students already know to be a haven for tanuki, snakes, perverts, ghosts, and so forth, has recently added another resident to its supposed population.

    That would be... the "aliens".

    Download "Kusamura No Oku" game:

    Download "Deep in a Thicket" English patch:
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    1. fuzzypanda's Avatar
      fuzzypanda -
      The English patch link isn't working. The file is no longer there.
    1. Baleygr's Avatar
      Baleygr -
      Not bad, but it would have been better if it was a bit longer and with a bit more nudety. BTW, the patch can be found here: Download [Shii] Awatake Deep Thicket zip
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