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  3. Ivan

    Alchemist's Secret

    Alchemist's Secret is a puzzle game. You are an Alchemist, experimenting with some potions to make you hornier than ever! With each potion made, you want to fuck everything in your path. Play a calm and casual game of sorting colors to complete each stage. In this game, you'll have to sort every color in a specific flask to complete the potions. This game aims to make you relax and enjoy life, with many hentai animations and casual challenges.
  4. Ivan

    Goblin Walker

    The great goblin sealed for 300 years finally comes to life again, but his spirit is no longer with his physical body which has already decayed away! In order to obtain a new body, he abducts a village girl as a sacrifice to a demonic ritual and confines her in an underground prison. Debug mode is available in the underground prison where you can violate village girls you captured again. After you clear a game, BGM debug mode will be unlocked.
  5. “Welcome to ‘Josou Tantei Yagyan’! In this action infiltration game, you will play as the protagonist, Yagyan Hagane. She is a detective skilled in cross-dressing, using her unique abilities to infiltrate criminal hideouts, rescue missing girls, and continue the search for her missing sister.
  6. https://erogegames.com/downloads/android/
  7. "I just want to find my place in life. But why is it so difficult?" "The girl went outside and saw me sitting under her door." - "You seem to be in trouble. Would you like to come and warm up?" - "If you allow..." Tomboy: Love in Hot Forge is a medieval VN about guy who was left on the street without money. Bridgid is a blacksmith girl who invited you to spend the night at her house. Find out what difficulties you will face and how your relationship will develop.
  8. Ivan

    Maid of the Dead

    Zombies left, right and center!! Will the maids be able to bring peace back to Akiba?! A shooting game aimed at restoring peace to Akiba by controlling gun-slinging maids and defeating zombies.
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