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AV Company

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

Nanako came to an abandoned Audio & Video company alone
She needs to find some important documents in the ruins
What's the use of those documents?...

This is a puzzle JRPG game
In the game, you need to play a girl and explore an old audio and video publishing Company
The game has 30 floors
You need an elevator to get through it

There are many computers that need passwords in the game
You need to find a note with a password on the current floor

Only a few clues are written on the note.
You need to use your own wisdom to find the computer password from the clues provided by the note
If you successfully read the password from the note, you can try to unlock the computer
When you successfully turn on the computer, you will get the CG information stored in the computer

You need to use the oil lamps and flashlights or vitamins you find in the building to survive
And successfully explore the secrets of the building

There are many monsters in the game. If you encounter them, you will lose your life. Monsters will make you lose your light source and even make you die
There are many stones in the game, you need to think about how to push them
So that you can get where you want to be

If you push the wrong stone, it may lead you to a dead end!
So you need to think rationally!

Hope you can successfully help our heroine find all the clues in the building and find an unknown story


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