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Dungeon's Legion ~Maiden's Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

  • Language: English

In this game, you play as a Demon Lord in command of droves of monsters.
Use your army to protect your dungeon from the invading humans!

The game is divided into two phases: strategy and defense. In the strategy phase,
you can make a plan and carefully place your forces. In the defense phase, it's time to fight!
At first you won't have much more at your disposal than goblins, but as your dungeon expands
you'll gain access to even more fearsome units like demons and ogres.


Breed even more monsters!

Attack nearby villages and steal the women to increase your army's numbers!

Train and corrupt your prisoners!

If you capture special human units like swordswomen and goddesses, you'll be able to train them.
With enough training, they can be corrupted into joining your cause.
You'll be able to use them to protect your dungeon alongside the normal monsters.

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Am I the only one who think the translation is kinda awkward. Is this Machine Translated?

Yes. The admin is uploading a lot of games lately, some of which unfortunately are MTLed.

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5 hours ago, kn1000a said:

Yes. The admin is uploading a lot of games lately, some of which unfortunately are MTLed.

This is the version that's being sold as "English" on dlsite. They appear to be using some kind of plugin to auto-translate in-game text using various machine translation services (google, bing etc).

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Well it's amazing that the official translation here can be worse compared to Amayui translation, and yes I did play it as well (Even I can notice that there's a lot of weird translation choice here).

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1 hour ago, littleshogun said:

Well it's amazing that the official translation here can be worse compared to Amayui translation, and yes I did play it as well (Even I can notice that there's a lot of weird translation choice here).

Given Amayui is edited well, anything plug-and-MTL will look bad compared to that (but the standard shouldn't be edited MTL in the first place).


We never know whether a translation is bad or not until we inspect the original JP vs the ENG (some scenes in Amayui are so off I wonder if the "translator" can't comprehend the MTL and made up his own text).  We can however judge if an ENG presentation is bad or not, which often lend us a false narrative that a translation is good; no, only the English is good, the translation you have to cross-check to know.


Unfortunately some devs think of the west as a second market and whatever revenue they get from us is irrelevant. Add to that the fact more people lower their standards to MTL, we now get "official MTL" 😔 


@Black_Lotus Just to be clear, the admin is only uploading more games lately, this site never deals with translations itself. The MTL came from somewhere, and the admin just upload it here. Personally, knowing many games these days are being MTL, there will be more to come...

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You can change translation engine with alt+0 (zero) - default settings seem to suck, but with some tweaks of settings, it's apparently much more readable. As per other users' reports - bing seems to be much more readable.

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