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Enterprise Infiltrator Erika

  • Language: English (MTL)

Erika is an elite operative for a government agency that works tirelessly to protect female office workers from perverse and immoral companies, by exposing their foul deeds and bringing perpetrators to justice.
This time, Erika enlists the cooperation of "Sasaki", the boss of Kamui Corp., in order to root out any illegal behavior at the company
What will Erika find out?

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    • Play as the Netorareas pilot Wiz as you take on different missions.
      Will you allow Hikari to have sex with other people and record videos, even if it means saving the world?
      The choice is yours.
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    • Luciera, a busty and glamorous blonde.

      [Arc] "I can't wait anymore. I want to see you in the wedding dress."

      [Luciera] "one year will pass before you know it, just have a little patience."

      [Arc] "yeah, you're right..."

      [Luciera] "hey, how many children do you want?"

      [Arc] "at least 10. I hope they are all as beautiful as you."

      [Luciera] "what... I don't think I can handle that much..."

      half a year ago they were such a loving couple, but---

      [Luciera] "poverty is infectious, poor man"

      [Arc] "a poor man!? what happened to you! you weren't the type to say such a thing!?"

      [Arc] "you used to be a much kinder girl..."

      [Luciera] "that's because you were a son of an affluent and prestigious family."

      [Luciera] "your family has declined. there is no more merit to be with you anymore."

      Luciera shows her true colors...
      her fiance burns with the flames of revenge and vows to push her into an abyss of corruption...

      -- Luciera's downfall...

      Luciera continuously falls into the structured traps...
      losing her virginity, which she planned to keep till marriage...
      captured, raped, losing all of her fortune.

      deceived then seeing hope, and then deceived over and over
      again by her fiance, she falls to the bottom.
    • Protagonist and his wife, Karna, who live in the eastern part of the Western Kingdom, are newlyweds who have just registered their marriage.
      However, when he returned home to pay the marriage tax, he found that his house had been ransacked by thieves, and all his valuables had been stolen.
      He visits the castle of Marquis Mulan, who governs the region, in order to somehow get a grace period for tax payments, but instead of a grace period, he is presented with the condition of the first night right (the right to spend the first night with the bride).
      Despite being persuaded by Mulan, the two end up exercising the rights of the first night. I didn't realize it was a cunning trap...

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