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  1. About 3 months late, but that's a lot of improvement (compared to 1 year late last time : P). It's time to post your fav anime of 2020! Be it that one show you randomly binge and nothing else out of the whole year, or your list of titles that you can't pick, let us see c: As always, I will post what I believe to be the best anime per season, so 4 total! They will all be non-sequel or not in a major series, so anybody looking for something they can quickly jump in will have a better time~ (ofc I will mention good sequels I like too) WINTER: ID:Invaded Id:Invaded (ID: INVADED) - MyAnimeL
  2. If you are a fan of Ryukishi's works or have read Higurashi/Umineko, rejoice for the hype train of the new Higurashi anime just started and rolling strong. What caught us off as a horrible sounding remake of the old Higurashi anime, is now revealed to NOT be one. Ryukishi and his staff pulled one huge prank, waiting for episode 1 to air and right before episode 2 (1 week after episode 1 aired), revealed the real title of Higurashi 2020 and a new visual: Twitter The current possibilities are that this could be the S3 of Higurashi anime or a new retell with a different POV. At the momen
  3. The game is under an hour long and very straight-forward. Your first time meeting Freyja, you’re a terrible slave who wastes her time. The second time, you impress her, and she considers making you her permanent slave. The game has 3 erotic scenes and 3 endings. In one ending, you fail to impress Freyja and she fucks another man right in front of you! Then she slams the door in your face and refuses to make you a slave! Getting cucked by a femdom goddess, I almost came in my pants! I felt like the writer is writing from experience, because the dialogue and setup was so believable. My only co
  4. The game has 88 base scenarios. Each scenario has 3 variations as it develops in intensity. For example “Serving the baseball team” is the setup, but it has three forms. The first is a simple blowjob while the last is a total gangbang. Altogether there are 150+ sex scenes. Counting scenarios, Haruka has 37 scenes. Narika has 29 scenes. Subaru has 13 scenes. And there are 9 miscellaneous scenes. Sex is divided into three categories. Loving sex is very direct, with lots of kissing and eye contact. Brutal sex is basically whoring her out to homeless people and random strangers. When you are de
  5. The art is an anime style with a cartoonish amatuer bent. There are 20 base CGs and 50 variation images. Milia is a disciplined and determined swordsman who’s never felt the touch of a man before. Her character design is fantastic, especially because of the yellow button on her torso. It has a happy face when things are good, and a frown when things are going badly. The writer makes a strong effort to break away from standard hentai tropes. When offered a drinking contest, you can dilute the alcohol and stay sober. On another occasion, you can outright refuse to drink. This makes Milia seem li
  6. The game is short with only a handful of decisions, but has lots of cheats and endings. Half of the endings involve forcing yourself onto the girl, while in the other half nothing happens. There are also romantic endings available. There is no music, only atmospheric background tracks. The writing is quirky, but relies too much on pop culture references. For example, after a wardrobe malfunction, you get a Janet Jackson reference. The jokes can be pretty lame. You can customize the experience to your liking with cheat codes. Is she your cousin, your daughter, your sister, or just an old
  7. As per tradition.... ...yet, somehow I forgot to do a 2018 thread. Anyway! It can reset to this year. For every year moving forward, I will make a thread of the top anime in the previous year. I might not be watching anime like I used to, but I still stream the first episodes of new seasonal shows whenever they air (check the EG Discord for announcements!). Unlike 2017 since this is a 2 years thread, I will only list what I think is the one top anime of a season instead of three. Don't worry, while I did not watch a lot I still tried at least one episode of MOST anime in a season, so
  8. Vera’s Region Tour Diary has 42 sex scenes in total. Multiple scenes have variations for whether or not Vera is a virgin. There are 450 CGs in total, not counting pose art and character stills. This game places a heavy emphasis on Vera having sex with younger men. Like the Mayor’s son! Vera is a strong adventurer with lots of determination, but she falls easily to the cock of a younger man! He’s still a virgin, but Vera wants to ride him, and take his youthful creampie! In fact, I don’t think there’s a single scene focused on old men! Other fetishes include thigh sex, flashing, and the o
  9. With the fall of Rabbit, there is not a really good replacement for sharing videos, especially anime, online and watch it with your friends. Many options are often too restrictive and don't support much websites, or require you to have the video file downloaded, screenshared, and in some other cases, uploaded. Using CyTube and a trick to grab videos from anime sites, you can bypass most of these inconveniences. What is CyTube? It's a website to let you host videos and watch it together with your friends online. Only supports some common video sites. You don't need to have an account
  10. Interactive and creative sex simulation is the main draw of the game. Sex scenes are broken up into segments. You can choose from different forms of foreplay before moving on to fucking your maid’s brains out in dozens of positions. Vaginal sex results in breaking your maid’s hymen and watching the blood drip from her pussy. During blowjobs and normal sex you can choose to cum either outside or inside your girl. If you choose to cum outside, you can watch your maid’s beautiful and innocent face get washed with your cock juice. You can repeat parts of your interactive sex scene as many times
  11. You are the average wanker. You spent your young adulthood reveling in your excesses, but it never made you happy. All of that is finally going to change when a cute elf princess named Sophia kidnaps you for a new adventure! The plot is to travel around the world and free sexy heroines from being brainwashed. You have to use manipulation and shenanigans to do it, but once the brainwashing has ended, they will regain their free will and help you fight evil! The game is melancholic. The author seems to speak from the heart when he talks about being a degenerate during his young adulthood a
  12. There are 110 sex scenes in total, and 37 base CGs. This may sound incredibly repetitive, but there are so many variation images, you’ll never notice. Adding blindfolds and handcuffs and all sorts of accessories, these variations change the meaning of the scene entirely. While the base image may feature vanilla sex, the variations turn it into a humiliating public exposure scene! There are too many scenarios to count. You have massages, peeping toms, train molesters, blackmail, and even sex with your teacher! This game is vanilla content done right! Better still, it dips into other fetishes
  13. Devoted Knight Kuon has been a close friend of Princess Dia since childhood. Six months ago, the king of this nation died, leaving Dia as heir to the throne. Everything seemed perfect until a scheming minister tried to usurp the throne! Working alongside the evil knight Wart, the minister overpowers Kuon and captures Princess Dia! To stop the minister from seizing power, Kuon takes the royal ring from Dia and becomes a fugitive. Will Kuon be able to defeat the evil minister and his knight Wart? Or are both ladies doomed to become sex slaves for life? As Kuon explores a hidden forest, she
  14. Sakura has four stats, which can be customized at the start of the game. Charm will give better results when flirting. Intelligence will give better pay at the Academy. Strength will increase your HP and battle power. Chakra will increase your daily energy and also help you in battle. There are three bachelors for Sakura to pursue. Sasuke likes intelligent girls. Naruto likes a girl with advanced chakra. Rock Lee likes a girl with lots of strength! Find a guy and initiate conversations with him to improve your relationship. Soon you’ll be able to spar with him, which will reward you with
  15. One of the great things about anime, manga, eroge, VNs and Japanese video games is the fan art it inspires from the people who consume it. Saber from Fate/Stay Night: Black Lagoon: (Perhaps technically not fan art but still damn gorgeous) Jormungand: show me what you got!
  16. I am making this thread so that from now on whenever I stream an anime movie, info will be posted in here! There won't be any schedule, but I will let everyone know ahead of time before the stream date, and I will post any announcements in this thread~ This week I will be streaming this movie: Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene (Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene) - MyAnimeList.net Time: 3pm CET | 6am UTC-8 on this Thursday Where: rabb.it link will always be available on our Discord when the time comes, plus I will also drop a link in the shoutbox as well. Alternatively, you can also add
  17. Well, not really a "top 10" thread but I wanna continue the tradition~ So what is your best anime in 2017? You can name one or as many as you like. I'll start with what I do best: Seasonal Reviews (I won't count sequels) (Entries with * means I have not finish the anime and it's just my speculation). WINTER #1 Little Witch Academia - Chilled show that is all about building up the characters and finally, the villain arc. Was an exciting, fantasy adventure full of goofy magic. #2 Youjo Senki - We all know about this show when it's out. A dude reincarnated into the most ruthless l
  18. If you guys didn't know, I have been hosting seasonal anime streams on our Discord server for a while~ I always stream every new show as much as I can in the first couple week of a season, then pick two or three of the high potential ones to follow weekly. So if you are interested in watching some new animu, definitely join us when I stream! Streaming hours and shows I picked are here (it should be update everytime I made changes): https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aja6B6GgSt_ckEFHDBWOHzaH0L22 Everytime I stream from now on I'll drop a link by the sb~
  19. I would like to request Ao no Kanata (if possible the +18 version). I haven`t seen it anywhere, but i think the anime was amazing and i want to play the game too.
  20. This is the thread for talking about anime that you're watching during the period from now until the new year. Not specifically for anime airing during this season but for anything you're currently watching, plan to watch or even won't consider watching. (idk if hentai is anime but this being an erogegames forum, sure, we can talk about that too.) I am currently halfway through My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute and its pretty good if you chose to watch it knowing what its about. The comedy is hit/miss, character design is cute and the EDs and OPs reintroduced me to that kind of music.
  21. If possible could someone pick up this project. I don;t really know the requirements for picking up projects but I used to watch the anime in the past and thought that it was good.
  22. If you have been watching anime recently, a new, hot and sexy anime of a monk and a girl in a relationship should have been on your watch-list. Now, according to rumors, there are 3 versions of it, first being the normal, where every single H element was cut off, second, they show the tittes and bodies, finally, the vanila tribute to the manga version. Here is the question, where to watch the final version? Anime name: Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni...
  23. ✟Out of control Bad habit✟ This post is about the bad habits of some vn readers including me. Lets start from the very beginning . . . I am just your average joe, anime lover... i don't even know what a visual novel is . . I do know what an eroge is though, found out about it from anime's i have been watching at that time . . i like anime that is of noitamina in nature . . due to the shortage of noitamina anime i ventured to doujinshis . . little did i know that, it would only be a matter of time before i moved to vn's . . it was, maybe.
  24. why is it in anime guys hate to see the girls get raped but in ero games and hentai its okay? like when I watch furture diary or black lagoon and it flashes back to a chick getting raped it kills me. but when its on a hentai or ero game I like it......I think it has to do with character devolpement. its funny with anime I always want the main character to get laid and when he does he ends up dead........example school days. I have 2 other examples but I don't remember the names of the animes
  25. Hello everyone! I am looking for nice visual novels I like 2D anime style visual novels. Here are my preferences: Must be totally in English (slight Japanese in art work is fine by me). 2D preferred with girls in anime style with decent boobies *drools*. I am OK with some small boobed girls if don't make up majority of the game (i.e Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Oops moments, Slips etc. are a big plus Mini-games are ok, they should be simple and should not take much of the time. FULL BLOWN BATTLE RPG SYSTEMS ARE A BIG NO NO! If you are suggesting torrents, please check if they have a
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