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Houshou Player

  • Language: English

This is a minigame made using Unity and Live2D.
Enjoy a handjob, penis-head licking, and fellatio in real time, controlled entirely by mouse.
Extra features include location switching, auto-mode, stripping, and more.
Features can also be toggled via keyboard.

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  • See also:

    • "Proof of Maidenhood"
      ... A mysterious item in the home of queen-in-waiting Colette.
      When she loses her virginity, it will disappear.
      That item is proof of her intact hymen, and her right to the throne.

      To become queen, Colette needs that proof!
      To keep that proof, she needs to keep her virginity!

      * Multiple endings as a pure maiden or a slovenly whore!
      Including GOOD ending for both circumstances!

      * Lewdness changes the character - even if she doesn't open her legs!
      It's possible for her to devolve into a sex mess with her maidenhood intact.
      When Colette gets too lewd she'll be unable to sleep...

      * Battles result in sweat-soaked panties!
      Colettes underthings will stain over time. You can auction them.
      More importantly, dirty panties will lead to certain events,
      so be sure to battle lots and get those panties all sloppy wet!
      As you progress you'll be able to auction your virginity, too!

      * Ecchi battle cutscenes with full size graphics!

      * Losing her virginity isn't the end-all of Colette's concerns...
      she might also get pregnant! Event scenes have the option to
      blow a load inside her or outside. You control the action.

      * A dynamic cosplay system = different outfits, different skills

      * Instead of a gallery you can access events any time via "ecchi memory"

      * Fast travel around the map with the "teleport skill"

      * Play it all again with New Game Plus!
      Keep your end-game level and items, blaze through the game
      stress-free with the additional option to skip events!
    • Meltys Quest is about the journey our protagonist, Princess Meltys takes to restore her kingdom. Meltys is a girl who has fooled around all her life, not giving a hoot about anything but herself. But one day the Grolido Monster Empire invades her country, destroys her home, and kidnaps her three sisters. With no castle and no one else to call for help, Meltys decides,

      "Well, I'll like somehow fix everything!"

      Please warmly watch over Meltys and guide her on this light-hearted, sometimes comical, and sometimes serious, but always erotic, quest to rescue her family and restore her kingdom.
    • The sun rises on a humble village tucked away in the trees, and only one thing is on Lelie’s mind: sleep! Well that, and the fact that her master has returned! The day has finally come for her to take the next step in her dowsing career, and she’s nothing but optimistic for the future. Together with her dear friend Ciel, a self-proclaimed sorceress extraordinaire with a biting wit, the two stand ready to use their well-honed skills for the good of others. That is, if Lelie can keep her head on straight long enough to do so!
      A whole host of shenanigans and clients, both savory and less so, will test not only the girls’ abilities and teamwork, but their personal views, beliefs, and relationships. Especially when a mysterious young woman and her unique plight push them to their very limits. Will Lelie lose herself? Or will she find something more than her dowsing ever could?
    • The sex-and-gambling fiend Rei works at a certain night-time mahjong club.
      You've got to pay to play with her, but if you win, you'll hit the...
      mahjong version of a jackpot. (Is that still a jackpot?) Anyway, she'll fuck you.
      Take control of Rei and play against three different customers.
      Lose and it's game over, but that's when the special service begins...
    • I, Takayoshi Ohki has been teaching for about one month
      as a substitute for a teacher who had taken a maternity leave.

      It was just a short while until the class began that my heart was throbbing with fancy expectation.

      Girls who are talking in class as the lecture is boring, or putting make-up, or taking a nap...
      A disgusting girl who never stops pointing out that she does not like my pronunciations.
      These girls are young, plump, full of pheromone, and typical "Gals."
      They all are nothing but troublesome conceited school girls,
      whose superficial cuteness and beauty would not hide their bitchy nature.

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