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Life on the Breeding Committee

  • Language: English (MTL)

You have been appointed to the Breeding Committee!


The Breeding Law was enacted as a drastic measure against the declining birthrate.
Are appointed as a member of the Breeding Committee, who are designated to inseminate women within a specified district.

~Negotiate to breed with women in town
Forced sexual intercourse is prohibited even if you are a Breeding Committee member!
Women also have the right to choose their partners.
Use your charm, stamina, energy, and talking skills (the main character doesn't speak) to open their hearts and get them to agree to insemination!

~A focus on harem fun~
The Breeding Committee is just a job.
It is only natural that popular Breeding Committee members seed multiple people in the course of their duties.
Friends, classmates, mothers and daughters... All heroines participate in harem play at least once.

~Detailed pixel animations with beautiful girls~
There are 15 heroines in total.
No pixel art was reused between characters.
Erotic pixel art with outlines to emphasize clarity and cuteness.
Both clothed and naked sex depictions.

~Easy to control and to play~
Made in RPG Maker MV
Simple mouse-only controls.
Low difficulty where all heroines can be inseminated without much hassle.
There is no end to the game - just play and breed as much as you want!

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