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Psychic Guardian Super Splendor

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After suddenly being attacked by a mysterious organization, university student Nagisa Kujo wakes up in an unknown laboratory.

She hears the voice of a woman named Mitsuki inside her head who tells her that she’s been captured and must escape.

When Nagisa presses the button on her belt, she finds herself instantly clad in combat gear.

With her newfound psychokinetic power, Nagisa fights to stop the evil assassination organization, Shalldark!

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    • Hello. I’m Doseong City’s little Zoo, the Doseong Zoo’s Zookeeper, NIZI!! NIce to meet you~
      the Doseong Zoo where i work for has lacked the number of Guest, as a result it’s on financial crisis……
      If Zoo is sell out, animals are sell out some where…Manager and My colleague Zookeeper MINU Fall into trouble too……
      I really want to save the Zoo……by the way, Manager tell me the way to save the Zoo.
      I shoot a Bestiality Video with animals and Get Money, and breed More animals,
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      Shoot a Bestiality Video, Expand the Zoo, Breed new animals…… and keep the Zoo from selling!
    • Space year 2X15
      You have infiltrated the facilities of the dark galaxy empire
      Despite getting hold of the “Cyborg plan” confidential material of the dark galaxy empire , the female agent was caught while trying to escape and is now a prisoner.
      The captive female agent was tortured by the cyborg created according to the empire’s “Cyborg plan”.
      None of the female agents imprisoned here before have ever returned…
      What will be the fate of the female agent…?
      This is an animation grappling game.
      The fight is going on in a small underground jail. As this is an all-conquering monster, he never dies.
      If you beat up the female agent, you can rip off her clothes.
      Use the combos, and if you can make her unconscious, you can have your fun!
      Decide on various rape and torture techniques.
    • Rin-chan, who claims to be the self-proclaimed hero of justice in the village, was still fighting for the peace of the village today.
      Meanwhile, the kidnapping of a female martial artist in the Imperial City is approaching the village.
      When Rin thinks she has fought and repelled her kidnapper, her kidnapper attacks Rin with her giant earthworm.
      She dismisses her after a short break, but Rin escapes her kidnapper.
      The next day, Empire Princess Ruche and Melfi visit the village and the situation goes in an unexpected direction …
    • I, Momo, am a sorceress.
      I am also a special inspector in the shadow conspiracy section of this kingdom.

      This mission is to infiltrate the premises of the bad guys, and grab evidence of wrongdoing!
      Just now, she broke into the home of the merchants who loaned money dishonestly and made people cry.
      They managed to obtain the carefully hidden back ledger.

      This was sent to the headquarters of the organization by transfer magic, and tomorrow the merchant in this case shall be obtained.
      It feels good to do something nice!
    • There was a village called Tatsuo in the mountains.
      Even though it was the 21st century in Japan, old-fashioned customs were still strongly rooted in this village.
      Among the many customs, one of the most strictly practiced is the "human sacrifice".
      It was believed in this village that calamities came because the gods were angry with human beings for their sins.
      Whenever famine or natural disaster, the gods would be worshipped at Manago shrine.
      To appease them. young and beautiful women have been sacrificed to the Dragon God enshrined in the Manago shrine.

      In recent years, a number of people in Tatsuo village had been dying of unexplained illnesses.
      The parents of Kagurazaka Yuina, the most beautiful girl in the village, also died of this disease.
      When Yuina was grieving, a village leader appeared and said to her.
      "Yuina, I want you to become a sacrifice to Dragon God."

      On the eve of the sacrifice ceremony, Yuina receives a huge blessing from the villagers.
      Becoming a sacrifice is considered an honorable thing to do because it means saving the village.
      As the applause continued to pour in, Yuina's heart was not at ease.
      She was a girl, and she did not want to die for honor.
      Especially since she had dreams of leaving this village and living an urban life.

      On the night after the eve night party, two men sneak up on her.
      The two men forcefully rape Yuina.
      After having her body fucked, she thought to herself,
      I don't want to be sacrificed to these villagers.
      Yuina ran away and hid herself, but the men of the village came to search for her and found her.
      She is forcibly taken to the Manago shrine.

      Eventually, the Dragon God appears through a ritual and is a horrible looking monster with a huge number of tentacles.
      I don't want to be the sacrifice of this ugly monster, she thought, and desperately resisted, but her resistance was futile.
      And Yuina is raped by the tentacles of Dragon God, while a large number of villagers stare at her.
      After torturing Yuina for several hours, Dragon God thanked the villagers for their sacrifice and took her to the back of the shrine.

      Once inside the shrine, she found that it was connected to the underworld. And there was a beautiful woman who had been a human sacrifice in the past.
      "You are mine forever. I won't let you go back to the world you were. I will rape you until you die."
      Yuina is told by Dragon God.
      She and the woman, who also became a sacrifice, escaped from Dragon God and wandered around the underworld.
      And struggles to return to the original world........

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